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The importance of travel experience for humanitarian travelers

As a humanitarian traveler you rely on the experience and knowledge of your travel management company. We developed a clear vision during our 67 years of experience with humanitarian travel. During these years we have been able to develop an unrivaled expertise in humanitarian traveling. As a matter of fact, we do nothing else.

The value of travel experience

We understand that we are only part of the humanitarian solution, but we take great pride in doing so. As a volunteer, aid worker or basically any employee of an NGO you can benefit from this expertise. Our specialist travel professionals in our team around the globe have the skills to expertly address the uncommon needs and special destination requirements you might need.

Today Raptim continues to be of service – as experts in complex itineraries, urgent response and respectful service. And because airlines are used to working with us and acknowledge our role in the community, they prefer Raptim when distributing special fares. So humanitarian, faith-based and volunteer organizations are able to travel where they are needed most. And put a smile on faces around the world!

Airlines are used to working with us and acknowledge our role in the humanitarian community. All these airlines prefer Raptim when distributing special fares with flexible ticket conditions. Therefore, humanitarians around the world are able to travel with special conditions to where they are needed the most.

We have been working with NGO’s for decades now and have been helping them on several occasions. We are proud to be even a small part of their solution to make the world a better place.

  • Docters without borders / Médecins Sans Frontières
    After a sudden outbreak of violence in South-Sudan we helped with an urgent evacuation on the one hand, and bringing people for peace negotiations on the other hand. Our travel consultant Henderina Stubbe saved and served our clients.
  • Corps Mondial de Secours (CMS)-Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)
    The devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake has hit Nepal on the 25th April 2015. Shortly after the earthquake the CMS-USAR team left Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris for Katmandu with a team of 18 rescue workers, including, emergency rescue workers, dog handlers, doctors and nurses. Our colleagues at Raptim France managed to organize return flights for all rescue workers. In the last decade Raptim has assisted Corps Mondial de Secours with travel to several areas struck by natural disasters including, the Philippines in 2013 (Typhoon Haiyan) and Haiti (Haiti earthquake 2010).
  • Rotary International
    Rotary International chose Raptim to be their travel management company in 2016. Rotary international brings together a global network of volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to tackle the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. Their work impacts lives at both the local and international level, from helping families in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world. We are delighted to get the acknowledgement from Rotary International in our role as a humanitarian travel company and will help Rotarians around the globe with their humanitarian efforts.

When you work for special humanitarian organizations it all boils down to our dedicated staff. Wherever you are located around the globe our agents will work the same way to ensure that you receive the quickest response. When you work with Raptim, you work with a team. Every account and traveler is assigned a team of consultants so that the combined skills, knowledge and expertise of different people are always nearby. To encourage sharing of their knowledge we developed a staff exchange program. This way we are able to improve our service at a global scale. Learning from each other as much as possible.

“We are a travel organization. That’s why we want to encourage our staff to travel themselves, too. When they have experienced a certain airline, a specific seating arrangement, or an airport first-hand, they are better able to advise our customers based on their own experience."

Over 65 years ago, Raptim pioneered the world of humanitarian travel by air. At a time when ships were the only means of traveling to developing countries, our founders chartered a Dakota to fly missionaries from Amsterdam to Entebbe. Thanks to Raptim’s vision, humanitarian travel has changed forever. We acknowledge the honor and trust that is given to us by our clients. Feel free to contact any of our offices should you have any questions.