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The importance of global service

As a humanitarian traveler, you need to travel to the most uncommon locations on the planet to help people who are in need. For example, traveling to an area after an earthquake can be very challenging.

We provide global service

In these extreme situations, it is often difficult to contact a travel organization. Having numerous offices around the world enables us to offer humanitarian aid workers multiple ways to contact any of our offices and work closely with our staff. You can contact us from wherever you are and in almost any way you want. Our offices are located on all continents and cover all time zones. We will strive to help you in every way we can. Serving those who serve the world is what matters most to us. It is our priority.

If you’re doing humanitarian work in a vulnerable and risky environment, it’s highly likely that unexpected events will occur. At times like these, you’re going to need your travel management company to stand by your side and provide assistance whenever needed. Our offices have an emergency line for those particular situations. In case of an emergency, you can contact us for help. Raptim employees are ready to help you or your staff 24/7. We provide a reliable global emergency service that you can always count on. A reassuring thought for any humanitarian traveler out there in the field, who is in an urgent need of making travel arrangements.

You can read more about preparing for a humanitarian travel in our post about the best sources of information for aid workers. When you are in the field, and in urgent need of travel advice, your way of contacting us may vary depending on your location and the infrastructure available. Most of our communication options are usable from any part of the world.

Please access our quick address locator to find accurate contact information to any of the Raptim offices around the world. We are located on all continents and cover almost all time zones. We are an organization that works all over the world to cover your urgent travel needs. Do not hesitate to contact us.