Humanitarian Travel

We meet your needs on a daily basis

Raptim has one of the most experienced, highly trained travel consultant teams in the industry. A team of NGO specialized travel consultants will be assigned to meet your day to day travel needs. We commit to responding to you the day a concern is reported. With our team structure you can have confidence that there are team members readily available who can assist you and who are familiar with your business.

Our own easy self-booking tool

We have launched our own proprietary self-booking tool. This enhanced product will give you access to more international global fares and Raptim contracted fares. The tool allows for multi-segment bookings, and will offer you the ability to book both published and contracted airfares together in one itinerary.

Raptim Care - Our Duty of Care Solution

We offer Raptim Care to partners, because we value Duty of Care and ensuring that travelers get where they’re needed most—and back home again. Partners gain access to the powerful monitoring and communication tools for the travel that is booked through us at Raptim Humanitarian Travel. We offer customized service options based on the size and scope of your work and duty of care analysis.


Humanitarian travel to where you are needed most

Humanitarian aid workers are people of compassion. You travel to the most uncommon places on earth to help those in need, live better lives. We help you to reach those vulnerable locations. Not only do we have a deep understanding of your specific desires, we are experts in complex itineraries, urgent response and respectful service.

How it works

Are you traveling for humanitarian purposes, but are not quite sure how to get started? Here are four steps to working with our organization!

Step 1

Contact us! Our travel consultants are waiting for your call or e-mail.

Step 2

If you’ve never used our organization before, we can explain how NGO fares work and check if you are eligible for these discounts.

Step 3

Do you have confirmed dates and destinations? We can quote you options that meet your travel preferences. This can be adjusted throughout the process, of course. We can also help you with arranging travel insurance, accommodations, and/or travel after your flight.

Step 4
If everything is in order, we’ll confirm the booking and process the tickets! You’ll receive an invoice with all necessary ticket information as soon as it is issued!