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Humanitarian Travel: What Does it Mean?

The biggest benefit of humanitarian travel is its impact on human lives. International humanitarian volunteers and staff help those most in need at times of crisis and disaster. For this, they deploy anywhere necessary at a moment’s notice.

However, international travel is not cheap. That’s why not-for-the-profit-companies like us do everything to cut costs and otherwise support humanitarian travel. The good news is that the travel industry has many benefits for international humanitarian travel. Let’s talk about what it means to travel as a humanitarian today.

How to Save on Travel Expense

Special fares for humanitarians and NGOs

Every penny counts when it comes to project implementation. However, to implement, you often need to get to faraway destinations and rural areas. So, how do you make sure that you are only spending what you absolutely have to on travel?

Well, humanitarians get discounts on air travel. Normally, you need to present a company letter and registration in order to receive preferential rates. Discounts start at about 10% off but can go lower. In addition, Raptim has dozens of partnerships with international and local airlines. This way, we always receive the best rates for our clients.

Special Fares For Humanitarians

Flexible and open-date ticketing

In addition to discounts, humanitarians are often eligible for more flexible ticket conditions. Sometimes you don’t know when you need to travel or return. For example, when there is a natural disaster, it’s hard to predict how long recovery will take. Plus, circumstances can change rapidly on the ground in times of conflict. You might need to change your route in case of security alerts or opt for an alternative method of transportation.

That’s why flexible and open date ticketing is key for humanitarians. Whether you need to change your point of departure, destination, or date, this is often easily done for humanitarian travelers. That’s because both agencies like Raptim and our travel partners understand the needs of humanitarian travelers.

Flexible and open date ticketing

Higher baggage allowance

Oftentimes you need to bring extra supplies when you pack to go into the field. For example, if you are going to a rural area, you might need special supplies and provisions for water filtering, shelter, and project supplies. During educational missions, you might need to bring training materials. And for medical emergencies, healthcare supplies are essential.

In addition, experts in particular fields may need specific gear. Communications officers will carry their audio and video equipment. Humanitarians working on conservation projects might need to bring along sensors and tracking equipment. And so on…

For this reason, humanitarians often require extra luggage allowance, both in weight and the number of checked-in items. Many airlines will allow humanitarian travelers free or discounted options for extra or special luggage.

Group travel discounts

Another way that humanitarians can save money while traveling is through group travel discounts. Both frequent travelers and large groups may be eligible for these. For example, if your organization often sends travelers abroad, then you might be able to get special rates for frequent travel. Plus, groups over 10 people normally get special rates.

Generally, there is room for negotiation when it comes to loyalty programs and group travel. So, Raptim does this for our customers to make sure they save money so it may be channeled it to those in need.

Group Travel Made Easy

24/7 emergency response

Another aspect of humanitarian travel has to do with support systems. Emergencies can happen during any type of travel but are more likely to occur during humanitarian missions. Additionally, NGOs may be exposed to risks while on the ground.

It’s essential to maintain communication at all times. Also, there must be a line of first response in case of an emergency. For example, your embassy may have emergency response services, so you should always register with them when traveling abroad. Additionally, Raptim provides 24/7 emergency assistance to all of our travelers.  24/7 emergency response

Duty of Care for humanitarian travelers

Duty of Care is the integral responsibility of agencies, travel agents, and humanitarian travelers. For Raptim, this is one of the cornerstones of our mission and vision.

We deeply care for our travelers before you depart, during your mission, and upon your return. Therefore we provide a wide range of Duty of Care services. To send you push notifications, provide information and communication services, enable GPS location, and also allow for simplified reporting, and many, many more.

However, Duty of Care goes beyond service providers. It is also the responsibility of each individual to take care of their mission. This includes following security briefings, responding to communications, and advising your organization on any issues that may arise.

In addition, organizations must also provide support to their staff and volunteers to ensure their safety, security, and success of their mission.

Duty of Care Brochure CTA

Maximizing real impact

At the end of the day, the purpose of all these benefits is to maximize the impact of humanitarian projects. The main reason for international humanitarian travel is to help those in need through compassion. That’s why the global humanitarian community comes together to make travel as effective and efficient as possible.

Discounts aid in saving money so it may be repurposed for project delivery. This way, every penny that is not spent on travel can be targeted towards the community you are helping. Greater baggage allowances and open-date tickets provide the opportunity to deliver items and programs as needed rather than getting hung up on costs. Flexibility allows adjusting projects to be better able to address the real needs in the field.

At the same time, security and safety ensure that travelers can successfully work on their mission. Meanwhile, Duty of Care provides the assurance of communication and collaboration among all parties involved.

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