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The humanitarian travel company you are looking for

As an NGO travel manager, you’re always seeking to book a flight with the best possible conditions. You are more driven to spending your monetary resources on the project at hand. Through our partnerships with more than 40 airlines, we provide outstanding customer service and flexibility; especially to humanitarians, volunteers and faith-based travelers.

A travel company that believes in working together

We can work with you to come up with the best and the most flexible travel options. Last-minute cancellations or changes to your flight plan can add up. We try everything within our power to prevent these costly situations from occurring in the first place. This way, you can entirely focus on doing good to the people who need your help. Compassion matters in your line of work.

Customer service is of the utmost importance at Raptim. There are countless projects that humanitarians are passionately and selflessly involved in, and we look to help them in any way possible. We understand that your course of action is imperative to people in need. We always ensure that you and your entire travel group are taken care of in the best way possible. Getting you to your destination is important to us, so that you can focus on what matters most: helping the local population in vulnerable locations.

Our colleague Olga Ansems, Manager Operations at Raptim Tilburg gave a beautiful and inspiring example in her previous blog post. In that particular case, a customer ended up saving a lot of money that would be better spent helping those in need.

When you book a humanitarian travel ticket as an NGO, you want to get the most flexible options possible. If one of your travelers requires a last minute cancellation, you don’t want to get bombarded with extra costs and fees. The same goes for changing a flight date or changing the route. We understand the world you work in.That’s why Raptim is the best full-service travel company for humanitarian travel.

Should you need to find out more about Raptim as an organization, or about our customer service, feel free to check out more on our website or contact us through this form.