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Humanitarian Response Strengthens Local Populations

Our history goes way back to our very first flight in 1947. Because of our long history, we have witnessed injustice, sorrow, and suffering. But we have also seen a great deal of positivity and humanitarian projects with incredible results on the local population.

Humanitarian Response Strengthens Local Populations

Like you, we hope to see a world in which everyone from any country can lead joyful, healthy and fulfilling lives. To achieve such a world, we must put our focus on creating sustainable environments for communities at vulnerable locations. So they can work together to create a better future for themselves and their children even after you’ve left and gone to another vulnerable location to help. Initiating development in the education and agricultural sectors are two fields in humanitarian response which can offer great strides as far as sustainable development is concerned. This is illustrated in the examples below. 

Education is the key to success and a better future. Every child has a right to basic education. That right was taken away from many people in Nairobi. By giving the new generation the right to go to school, the people at Flomina ensure that they won’t deny future generations the numerous benefits that come with education. Many volunteers put in efforts every day to make this possible by selling water or food to raise money. The local community also raises money to help the children’s home. These actions are carried out with sustainability in mind. For example, they’re working on ways to increase the scale of farming and cutting the costs of daily activities so as to provide children with what they need most: basic needs and education.

Africare’s SANA Project is a sustainable agricultural project funded by United States Agency for International Development Food for Peace Program. This program supports interventions in agriculture, nutrition and risk management in five districts of the Nampula Province in Mozambique. Africare trained 726 lead farmers in sustainable agricultural practices in a location where the local population was in dire need of help. This resulted in a boost in income for 88% of the farmers and increased the expectation of a better future once seed production was facilitated. Also, there were improvements made to the educational field by helping 1,000 mother groups and 500 nutrition field agents, who reached 15,000 additional mothers through group discussions aimed at reducing alarmingly high rates of chronically undernourished children in that province.

As a travel management company, we contribute by helping humanitarian organizations get to where their help is most needed. By virtue of our experience and expertise in what we do, we offer the best humanitarian travel services to these compassionate organizations and individuals. Nothing makes us happier than seeing organizations and individuals providing humanitarian response and supplying aid to those who need it most. If you want to learn more about our inspirations, vision, and goals as a travel management company, then browse through our daily updated News & Community section.