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Humanitarian Pictures – Overcoming a Natural Calamity

The following photo lineup offers a quick peek of humanitarian photographs of natural calamities which had an enormous impact on the local population and the environment.

Important Humanitarian Pictures

Various countries frequently suffer because of natural calamities, and the aftermath, which directly affect the local population. The photos listed below depict the vulnerable people who are struck by such natural calamities. From volcano eruptions to multi-state typhoons and earthquakes. Many compassionate organizations go wherever they’re needed to help. They are making sure vulnerable people can have clean water, shelter, and hot meals when they need it most. They also help the affected population get back on its feet by helping in rebuilding efforts.

Commander Timothy LaBenz of the USS Sampson and Kaikoura Mayor Winston Gray, survey the damage to the local infrastructure by helicopter after the earthquake hit the tourist town. The USS Sampson, at the request of the government of New Zealand, remained off the coast of New Zealand’s South Island to offer help to those affected by the disastrous earthquake.

Philippine residents and U.S. Marines unload rice and water from two helicopters. They’re providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief at Cauayan Airport in Cauayan City, Philippines. Different compassionate organizations provided supplies to towns and villages damaged or flooded by Super Typhoon Megi.

A U.S. Navy air crewman unloads water during disaster relief efforts in Nicaragua. U.S. Southern Command diverted from an international maritime exercise in Panama to the coast of Nicaragua to assist with disaster relief efforts in areas affected by Hurricane Felix.

While we might have unmatched knowledge on a lot of locations due to our humanitarian travels, we haven’t seen all places where humanitarian help is needed. Brave humanitarians like those mentioned above are helping people in need, and we're glad photographers were with them to capture the moments and provide a first-hand information and a better look on humanitarian aid. Are you interested in humanitarian photography? Be sure to look at our blog post about powerful humanitarian photographs and famous humanitarian photographers.