221 – How Humanitarian Organizations Can Benefit from Social Media
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How Humanitarian Organizations Can Benefit from Social Media

The digital landscape has undoubtedly changed how humanitarian organizations work. Many humanitarian organizations present themselves on Facebook and Twitter, where the base can follow them, or give feedback.

Humanitarian Organizations Go Online

Social media has emerged as one of the most important ways of communication for NGOs to reach out to their audience. Many different social media platforms and applications are being used by humanitarian organizations to pass information as well as get feedback. The main purpose to use social media is to connect to a large audience spread across the world instantly.

Even though most skepticism about the use of social media is gone, not all NGOs are using its full potential. First and foremost, social media sites are meant for interaction. Every post you create is an opportunity for followers to engage with your organization. When you build a following, not only will you be able to interact with them, they also represent a way to raise funds for the priceless work that compassionate organizations do.
Another great advantage is to use your platform to generate traffic for your actual website. When you share humanitarian blog articles, videos or other content from your website, you guide your audience to click through and visit your site. Once they are there, you can tell them to do something else, for example, you can inspire visitors to sign up for your mailing list.

If you are new to the world of social media, then you should take it slow at first. There are lots of social media channels, and all of them have plenty of ways to use them. Pick just one or two social media sites, because each has a learning curve. However, none is so complicated that you won't be able to understand the basics.

Facebook, Twitter are two of the most well-known platforms with millions of users. With LinkedIn, you can connect to a more professional audience. Instagram is starting to rival the biggest platforms and is still quite underused by many humanitarian organizations.  Reddit is perhaps the least familiar site of the platforms. It is a source of what's new and popular on the web, personalized just for you.

To use social media well, you need to schedule time for it. How much time is obviously up to you, but understand that you’ll engage a far greater audience if you’re active on a daily or semi-daily basis. Make sure the stream of posted content is constant.

Try to post as much visual content as possible; Study has shown that viewers respond quicker and more often to visual content that written. On average, visual content performs 4.4 times better than text-based content. Add photos and videos to a blog post or accompany a small message with a visual one on social media.

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