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Humanitarian highlights – Sudan and South Sudan

Both Sudan and South Sudan still are facing a civil war. This war resulted in an economic downturn and a massive humanitarian disaster for decades in the two countries. With millions of people affected, humanitarian aid is essential. Here is an update on the current situation in Sudan and South Sudan, and what’s being done by humanitarians.

The Current Situation in Sudan and South Sudan

Since the 1960s, Sudan has seen escalating levels of violence. After gaining independence from British colonial rule, the country has had a turbulent political history. And despite the nominal ceasefire, violent clashes continue throughout the country.

The positive news is that the situation is no longer rapidly escalating. Still, millions of people are in need of urgent humanitarian aid. Of 7 million people in need, 5.7 million are food insecure. Also, there are 2 million people who are internally displaced and over a million refugees in Sudan.

Meanwhile, South Sudan, which gained independence from Sudan in 2011, also faces a critical humanitarian situation. Years of civil war had already weakened the country. But after independence, violence broke out again in 2013. Clashes continue across the country even though peace agreements were signed, recently.

The violence and political instability have also led to a severe and food crisis. Over 6 million people are currently food insecure. Two-thirds of the population are incredibly vulnerable and in need of humanitarian assistance. Plus, 2 million are internally displaced.

Some of the principal issues in both countries include the economic downturn, famine, skyrocketing inflation, disrupted and insufficient education and severe healthcare shortages.

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Humanitarian Response in Sudan and South Sudan

Humanitarian organizations have been actively working in Sudan for decades. Most recently, they have also been providing aid in the newly formed South Sudan. Programs have a wide range. These include everything from governance and peace promotion to protection, healthcare, food security, economic development, and gender equality.

Despite the continued efforts, delivering humanitarian aid in Sudan and South Sudan is a challenging task. As a result of attacks on humanitarian convoys, many humanitarian workers needed relocation.  Some areas are not accessible due to insecurity. Also, during the rainy season, some parts of the countries are cut off.

Despite the hardship conditions, brave men and women continue to deliver as much aid as possible. But, to achieve stability and better living conditions much more needs to be done.

NGOs that Work in Sudan and South Sudan

CARE International

Care has been working in the area for decades. Currently, their focus is on addressing the hunger crisis and supporting refugees. They provide emergency food assistance and promote peace. Also, the organization provides healthcare for women and children and strive to prevent gender-based violence.

Oxfam International 

Another long-standing organization in Sudan, Oxfam is currently focusing efforts on the South Sudanese hunger crisis. Their programs support over 500,000 with emergency food aid and longer-term food security solutions. Oxfam does food distribution, provides cash vouchers and canoes for shelter, and works on livelihoods improvement.

International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC)

ICRC works in conflict zones to provide humanitarian aid and ensure the respect of international humanitarian law. In Sudan and South Sudan, they offer family reunification services. In South Sudan, they also focus on healthcare brigades. These are necessary due to the severe shortage of healthcare services across the country.

International Rescue Committee (IRC) 

The IRC has a wide range of programs in Sudan and South Sudan. They work to expand the capacity of state clinics. The organizations also provide medical, psychological and legal support to victims of sexual violence. Also, the IRC works on human rights training, sanitation, and emergency aid for returning refugees.

World Vision International

World Vision’s addresses many issues in South Sudan. Their programs include skills training for refugees, economic diversity and livelihoods. They also implement nutrition programs to solve the hunger crisis. Further, they work with children to support their education and health.

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