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Humanitarian Aid Stories

Supporting at the Most Remote Locations

Humanitarian assistance is not only needed in the vulnerable locations you might see in the news. Many other countries and communities need compassionate help, and we’re proud of every single humanitarian who is willing to provide humanitarian assistance.

Humanitarian Aid Stories from Raptim

We offer multiple travel services for humanitarians who are dedicated to helping vulnerable individuals and communities located in hard to reach places. We can reach virtually any vulnerable place on our planet because of our close partnership with Mission Aviation Fellowship. Our combined expertise proves to be a successful formula for getting humanitarian travelers where they’re needed. No matter how uncommon the destination.

One of such remote locations is Tabora: the capital of Tanzania's Tabora Region and Musoma: the capital of Mara Region which is one of the administrative Regions of Tanzania. One of our clients often travels to the nearby airports, which are difficult to access. Limiting many airlines from providing access to these areas and airfare can only be purchased through Air Tanzania. From these airports, these humanitarians travel even further by road, deep into the rural parts of Tanzania.

This compassionate client only has one goal in mind: improve education and share knowledge with the local population. Their compassionate humanitarians provide training, tailored courses for businesses, support curriculum development and help with the organization and implementation of centers for information and research. Their work greatly benefits local communities, and we're very proud to serve them by offering tailored travel solutions to their destinations.

Whether humanitarian organizations and their compassionate workers are heading out to well-known or harder to reach locations – you can always count on Raptim. Thanks to our decades of experience, we’re experts in planning humanitarian travel to anywhere in the world. Once you arrive at your destination, we continue to help by providing other services such as accommodation and transportation. We can safely say our various travel services, such as travel insurance, car rental, and flexible fares, will ease your travel and help you keep yourself safe in remote locations, or anywhere else in the world.

Thanks to our shared goal of helping others, we work closely with humanitarian organizations and the individual humanitarian travelers themselves. Please follow our blog for more humanitarian aid stories and read our other daily updated posts should you want to learn more about our organization.