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Human Rights Weekend

European Premiere of The Uncondemned

“Behind the Headlines” is the theme of the fifth edition of the Human Rights Weekend, organized by Human Rights Watch. It takes place from 27 until 29 January 2017 at De Balie in Amsterdam, where “The Uncondemned” will make its European premiere.

Human Rights Watch

Established in 1978, Human Rights Watch is a nonprofit, non-governmental human rights organization well known for its fact-finding, impartial reporting, effective use of media, and targeted advocacy, often in partnership with local human rights groups. Each year they report human rights conditions in some 90 countries, hopefully changing human rights policy and practice in a positive way.

Everything You Need to Know about Human Rights

Humanitarians continuously work towards the protection and promotion of human rights. Even if their main mission is different, human rights always figure in the humanitarian approach. For example, humanitarians save lives because they believe in the individual’s right to life. Here you can take a closer look at the different aspects of human rights, their characteristics, history, and more.

Each year they organize Human Rights Weekend, a weekend filled with exclusive human rights films, several master classes, and panel discussions with film directors, Human Rights Watch researchers, journalists, government officials, and others. A wide range of topics such as criminal justice, unaccompanied child refugees, freedom of expression, sexual violence as a weapon of war and environment and human rights. This is where a documentary that’s very special to us will make its premiere.

This riveting and emotional documentary tells the story of a group of people who found themselves inexplicably in charge of the first case of genocide in history. Underfunded, understaffed and overwhelmed, they faced incredible hurdles as they pursued their first case against a small town mayor, Akayesu. These young international lawyers, activists and victims fought successfully to have rape recognized as a war crime. They overcame their fears and shame to speak for all those who could not, and changed the course of international judicial history.

Raptim assisted with making travel arrangements from Kigali, Rwanda to New York for four of the women featured in the documentary and attended a screening at the Economic and Social Council Chamber at the United Nations headquarters. Invited by John Singleton, Director of International Services at Texas Christian University, they witnessed a documentary which made a deep impression on everyone in the room.

The European premiere of the documentary will take place on January 27, and is followed by a Q&A session with Michele Mitchell (filmmaker), Sara Darehshori (Human Rights Watch, who was then: co-counsel for the prosecution) and Rosette Muzigo-Morrison (UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda).

We’re honored that could arrange travel for individuals who have made such a positive impact on our world. Want to read more interesting stories about humanitarian development? Please follow our blog!