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How to Find the Humanitarian Issue You Care About the Most

If you’re a humanitarian who cares and works with compassion, you’re needed in the most uncommon places on earth.

You can’t help them all

Whether you work to prevent illness, to educate, to rebuild or to train, you’re there to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable people and give them hope. Humanitarian aid workers are often involved in several causes. You most likely want to contribute to improving them all but  unfortunately, this isn’t possible. So how do you decide which humanitarian issue and which organization gets your undivided attention? The tips mentioned below hopefully will make the decision easier. 

The first thing to do is start with a broad search. What are your interests? Do any of them translate to a humanitarian field of work? If you like construction and woodworking, a humanitarian organization focused on rebuilding might be a good fit. Medical students are more likely to be focused on global health issues. These examples might seem obvious, but doing thorough research helps to get a clear picture.

Make a short list of issues and notable organizations which focus on those issues which you believe are important. Start digging in their background and recent activities. What progress is the organization making toward its goals? What metrics do they use to measure their efforts? Look at their annual report. But note, it doesn't necessarily matter if the organization is effective. This comes down to a judgment call based on your feeling. Some problems can be extremely difficult to solve. You don't want to exclude the organizations which work on the most difficult humanitarian issues. They probably need your help most.

Try to do in-person interviews with your top two or three. Call the organization and ask them to tell about the issues they’re working on. Try to arrange a tour or overview meeting. If the feeling is right, you might just have found the organization which is working on the humanitarian issue you deem most fitting to your personal skills and interests.

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