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How Raptim Started

Relieving Missionaries after WO II

Our story goes back to 1947. It was a time when most of the world was recovering from the devastating effects of World War II and a time scarred by the devastation which took place in Africa. Many African countries, especially in the northern region, faced devastation during the second World War.

How Raptim started

Many faith-based missionaries were present in Africa to alleviate suffering for the local population before and during World War II. After a certain period, faith-based missionaries were replaced with new missionaries, giving them the chance to rest while new missionaries took over their duties. But the replacement of missionaries in Africa had come to a standstill during World War II, causing missionaries to be stranded.

The training of new missionaries continued and in 1947, Dutch Roman Catholic orders and congregations were in a panic because their missionaries in Africa were still stranded. The very first flight we arranged was to relief these long-serving missionaries in the aftermath of the war.

Raptim was officially founded just two years later. The first order of business was the arrangement of monthly charter flights to Africa, quickly followed by regular charter flights to Asia in 1966. We needed a network of specialized travel consultants to make sure the global operations happened without any problems. Our growth happened quickly and naturally while keeping in mind the social and humanitarian objectives that had inspired our founders.

We quickly realized that our passengers needed more and more services than our pre-scheduled charter flights could offer. We turned to the leading airlines and started negotiating. Gaining a greater variety and flexibility with flights, which fits the needs of a humanitarian traveler, was realized. We became the only organization to offer special humanitarian rates for scheduled flights.

We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most, and we’re willing to try everything in our power to serve those who serve the world. Did you enjoy the read about our history and want to know more about our organization? Never hesitate to contact us through our quick address locator should you have any questions at all.