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How NGOs Use Social Media And Technology

Social media is a powerful tool for raising awareness especially in line with humanitarian causes and events. NGOs also have fully arrived in the digital age and are thereby using social media to communicate with supporters and donors. Tech For Good and Public Interest Registry examined the use of social media and technology by NGOs worldwide.

How NGOs Use Social Media And Technology

Tech For Good and Public Interest Registry unearthed how NGOs use social media and technology to communicate with their supporters. The nonprofit organization detailed the findings from a survey of 4,908 NGO representatives from 153 countries around the world.

The 2017 report revealed that 92 percent of NGOs have a website and less than half (38 percent) regularly publish a blog. More than 70 percent of the respondents claimed that social media is effective for online fundraising, but only 11 percent assign the responsibility to professional social media managers; 18 percent depend on volunteers. A third of the global NGOs have a written social media strategy.

According to the report, 92 percent of the survey respondents have a Facebook page with small NGOs averaging about 4,200 likes and large NGOs averaging just over 172,000. The report shows that 72 percent of NGOs have a Twitter profile, that is a decline of 11 percent point compared to last year. Small NGOs have an average of 3,755 followers and about 80,000 followers for larger organizations.

NGOs also use online and mobile technology for fundraising. 67 percent of the respondents accept online donations. Accepted payment methods include credit cards (78 percent), Paypal (50 percent) and debit cards (42 percent). Six percent also accept digital wallets.

Only a small share (15 percent) regularly send text messages to donors and supporters. Forty percent of those also accept text donations. However, there is a huge difference in text message subscribers between NGOs. Small organization average around 2,500 subscribers, while the larger ones have audiences of 160,000 or more.

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