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How Generation Z is Volunteering

Generation Z has begun to trickle into today’s workforce. They are smart, digital and energetic. But most importantly, they are ready to change the world. Gen Z teens are volunteering more than any other group, while also founding social entrepreneurship to make significant changes. So, can Gen Z make the world a better place?

What is Generation Z?

Much is said about millennials. But they are quickly becoming old news. Generation Z was born between 1995 and 2010, and they are immediately starting to pour into the workforce while leading social media trends.

Also referred to as iGeneration or Post-millennials, Gen Z are the real children of the information age. They are digital, entrepreneurial, and social media oriented. They are used to change, are realistic, and adaptable. And, they are volunteering more than ever. So why and how do they volunteer?

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Volunteering to Share

Gen Zs see the world as a shared space. They have been sharing information as long as they can remember. This sharing concept of the world makes volunteer organizations extremely attractive to Gen Z. They like to be part of something bigger than themselves.

But they are also driven by trends, particularly on social media. Once again, it’s about sharing. One person begins to volunteering and shares their stories. Then, it becomes a trend and brings awareness. So more and more Gen Zs start to volunteering and drive a cause.

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Invention and Social Entrepreneurship

Another aspect that distinguishes those born to Generation Z is their hyper-awareness of the world. They have continuous exposure to information from an early age. So they know that the world is facing many problems that need to be solved. They have the tools at their disposal too – through digital trends, information and social media.

As such, many of their efforts are geared toward solving these problems. They are prone to inventing new ways of solving these problems and are attracted to social entrepreneurship. Generation Z will volunteer for a cause that drives them, mainly if they believe that it can bring positive change.

Travel and exposure

Exposure to world problems is another reason Gen Z is ready to volunteer. They are growing up in increasingly more multicultural and diverse groups. Besides, social media allows them to connect with people from all walks of life. And at the same time, travel has become more and more affordable over time, making the world a smaller place.

Provided the right opportunities, Gen Z will happily participate in organized international and local volunteering. They are ready to explore and change the world by giving back.

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Looking forward

Generation Z will continue to engage with causes that are meaningful to them. Social media, will, of course, be one of the significant boosts to volunteering by driving the trend. But in the long-run, Gen Zs are more likely to make career choices based on social impact rather than economic gain.

Further, social entrepreneurship is likely to continue on the rise, with more and more tech flair. Volunteering through these causes should be a significant trend. Finally, companies should prepare for sophisticated corporate volunteering schemes. This will definitely be a perk that Gen Zs will look for in the careers.

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