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Helping Refugees as a Volunteer with Resettlement Activities

Each day thousands of families are forced to flee their homes because of war. They have to leave everything behind to look for safer areas to live. Many of who are refugees have fled violence and persecution in their home countries. Today, they are trying to lead a normal life. However, discrimination, lack of access and uncertainty make this a challenge. One amazing way to get involved is by helping refugees as a volunteer with Resettlement Activities.

Things You Considered Before Volunteering

You understand that refugees are not your regular migrants. By volunteering you can provide many essential services and alleviate some of the difficulty each refugee is going through. However, it is important to understand what you are committing to as a volunteer. Organizations that work with refugees already have a lot on their plates. So, they need independent volunteers who can help in productive ways. It is also essential to explore why you want to volunteer in the first place and prepare yourself mentally. Jumping into a volunteer opportunity because you want to help is great. But it’s important to know that you will be working with people who deserve dignity and respect. They are not simply a charity case—they have agency. 

Helping Refugees as a Volunteer with Resettlement Activities

There is plenty of support needed when it comes to helping refugees. You have quite a few options including working in a refugee camp or helping with resettlement activities. Here are some of the things that you can do.

Countries are receiving refugees by the thousands and even millions. In many of these circumstances, refugees need help settling into their new realities. This is where volunteers can be very helpful. Some of the top countries where refugee volunteers are needed include Germany, Italy, Greece, Canada, and Israel.

1. Help in legal clinics

Most refugees need legal support. Resettlement means navigating a completely new social system. For example, how can they get paperwork straightened out? What about a driver’s license and work permit? How long do these processes take? This is something that volunteers with legal experience can help with.

2. Teach English or other local languages

Often, refugees come without the knowledge of their host country’s language. Sometimes it’s English or another native tongue. To get integrated into their new society, they first need the language skills. This is particularly important for getting a job or continuing with children’s education.

3. Participate in advocacy

Can’t commit to working with refugees directly or don’t have the opportunity? Then become an ally! You can do this through lobby groups, social media, or as a communications volunteer for an organization that is working with refugees.

4. Become a local resource

One of the best ways to become integrated into a new society is to have someone help you navigate your way. Many countries that receive refugees have programs where locals get paired up with refugee families. They then help them to understand local culture and ways of life. This is something that you can do as a volunteer!

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