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Helping Orphans in Africa

African Orphanages can take many different shapes and sizes. Many of them have children in several age categories, from children as young as babies up to 18 years old. All these children are in need of support, care, and friendship. But unfortunately local staff are often too busy to offer these needs on an individual basis. That is where volunteers come in. 


A lot of people want to become volunteers to help children in need. Especially in Africa, orphans are extremely disadvantaged and encounter a lot of hardship in life. They lack many opportunities necessary for their development. Orphanages in Africa have severe funding problems and lack basic facilities like proper sanitation. Therefore, volunteering is a great way to help but donations such as clothing, shoes, and other basic essentials are always welcome. As a volunteer you will be able to help vulnerable children. You are able to give them attention, compassion, encouragement, hope and love. You will be able to empower children to face the challenges of life.

Impact the Lives of Children

It’s very rewarding to becoming a volunteer with children in Africa. Volunteering at an African orphanage demands a wide range of the volunteers’ interests, talents, skills, and knowledge. Therefore it is advisable to do this through registered organizations that help children on a daily basis. When you work with children you have an extra responsibility for the continuity of their care.

Trustworthy Organizations Helping Orphans

Projects Abroad

Their mission is to encourage young people to volunteer for work in developing countries. They aim to create a multi-national community with a passion to serve, to learn, to understand, to teach, and to inspire. Project Abroad believes that the most efficient ways to organize people and resources is through a for-profit company.  Read more about Projects Abroad on their website.

Rafiki Africa Ministries

In our ‘A Closer Look at Development’ series you have gotten acquainted with the Rafiki Foundation. In Swahili, a language of East Africa, Rafiki means ‘friend’. Rafiki is a non-profit organization out of Texas and their founders always had a heart for children and missions. Since 2010 the organization has continued to grow and care for many children. Get inspired by this video with Yeen-Lan Lam – Rafiki Foundation Kenya

Man Up and Go

The mission of Man Up and Go is to provide love to children and families around the world. To define it clearly, This Christian Missionary group seeks to shape a better future for orphans by making Jesus known, and being a father to the fatherless. They want to see fewer orphans and more families. Each year they have multiple teams with individuals from across the globe participate in international mission trips.

Children’s Home Flomina

Raptim believes that compassion works best when it can travel where it is needed most. Therefore we decided last year to support Flomina in their bid to become self-sustainable. We want to help them in their mission to provide their children with better opportunities for the future.

Flomina shares our way of thinking because one of their primary goals is becoming self-reliant. They believe compassion works when their care can create a structurally better future for their children. We want to help them realize their goals. We hope to help them achieve results for the local community. They wil do so through their strength and with a little bit of help from us, for today and most of all for their future.

Let us help you

Africa is a common destination for our travellers as well as the location of our African office, closely connecting Raptim to the local population and making the decision easy to help a local project. Do you want to know more about Africa or any other location? We are glad to provide the necessary assistance from any of our 17 offices around the world. Contact us should you desire any help!