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Happy Birthday Raptim!

68 years of compassionate service

April 12th is a very special day for Raptim: it’s our birthday! For 68 years, we’ve been serving those who serve the world, make it a better place for all humankind and we’re not done yet! Compassion has been at the very center of our vision for almost seven decades. Here’s to many more birthdays!

Happy Birthday to Raptim

“I’m proud to be part of an organization that dares to believe in a true purpose,” says Raptim CEO Bart Kruijsen. Over the years, Raptim has changed a lot. From a group of relatively independent offices around the world, Raptim has transformed into a true global organization serving the humanitarian community at large, assisting in their travel and other related needs. Nonetheless, we keep looking forward to growing even further!

Happy birthday to all of our staff members around the world!

At Raptim, we are glad to help you on each step of your journey because we believe our world is a better place when your compassion can travel to where it is needed the most. Want to know more about our travel services? Never hesitate to contact the nearest Raptim office!