Great Christmas Gifts That Support NGOs
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Great Christmas Gifts That Support NGOs

Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Or maybe you want to give back a little this holiday season. We’ve put together the perfect list of Christmas gifts that support NGOs!

Handmade charcoal soap

If you are looking for a unique humanitarian gift, this is a great option. This soap bar is handmade from charcoal by the Adventure Project. The soap is organic, extremely healthy and good for your skin! Meanwhile, when you buy one, a woman in Kenya receives a charcoal-efficient stove.

Give a gift that keeps on giving

If you are looking to buy a meaningful gift together with your kids, then the Oxfam Gift Catalogue is a great option. One of their flagship gifts is a goat! Surprised? Goats make for a great gift because they allow families to become self-sufficient. They also help the provide nutritious meals and help them participate in trade.

A soccer ball with a twist

Have a kid (or any adult) who enjoys sports? Then a soccer ball is an ideal gift. But instead of just going to your nearest Walmart, why not get the One World Play Project soccer ball. Not only will you receive one, but the project will also donate one to a community in need. Plus, the ball is super durable – so it’s a win-win.

Give the gift of light

Another buy-one-give-one initiative is by One Million Lights. The project works to provide light to vulnerable communities. Their goal is to diminish the use of kerosene lamps, which are dangerous for health and bad for the environment. So when you buy one of their super durable Helio lights, the organization will donate one.

Grace Collection by Patricia Heaton

Are you looking for something more sophisticated? Then take a look at the beautiful designs from the Grace Collection by Patricia Heaton. The collection includes a unique scarf, bracelet, and necklace. But more importantly, the proceeds from your purchase go to World Vision projects around the globe.

Adopt a tropical fish

This present is the ideal gift for environmentalists and animal activists. It’s also an excellent option for kids. The adoption kit by Oceana allows you to adopt an octopus, a sea turtle or a clownfish. You get a cute plush toy and certificate of adoption. And the money goes towards making a cleaner and healthier habitat for marine life.

Send a letter to Santa

This holiday season, make wishes come true. Make-A-Wish Foundation has partnered up with Macy’s to fundraise. All you have to do is a send a letter to Santa. Macy’s will donate a $1 to the Foundation for each letter that it receives. Giving could not be easier!

Give a Kiva Card

It can be hard to find a gift for someone who already has everything. So why not let them experience the excitement of giving back? Buy a Kiva gift card for your friends or loved ones. They can then choose a project that speaks to them and give the owner a microloan.

Action Against Hunger Gift Catalog

In the spirit of the season, give a gift to those truly in need. Action Against Hunger is a humanitarian organization that fights against poverty and malnutrition. Their gift catalog includes things like goats, honey bees, emergency nutrition kits, and more. Choose one of their gifts to provide someone with sustainable food security.

Heifer International Gift Catalog

They call it the most important gift catalog in the world for a good reason because it helps to save lives. Heifer International also alleviates poverty and hunger. If you want to get on board, it’s as simple as buying a gift. You can get an animal to help families be self-reliant. Or you can support training, agri-businesses, women’s empowerment and more. Check out the Heifer Gift Catalogue.

Buy a Fairtrade gift

Maybe you’d like to get a more personal gift. Or perhaps you have something specific in mind already. Not to worry, you can still support a good cause! Fairtrade gifts ensure that no slave or underpaid labor is used in making the products. They also feature environmental sustainability and fair economic terms for small businesses. Take a look at the gifts available at,, and

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