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Global Day of Parents 2018

Parents are the primary unit that helps a child grow and develop into a healthy and productive adult. As such, the United Nations and organizations around the world celebrate the Global Day of Parents on June 1st every year. First of all, it is a day to recognize the selfless involvement of parents in their children’s lives and well-being. But it is also a way to promote the protection of the rights of children around the world.

Lets put a smile on faces around the world

Why Is Global Day of Parents Important?  

As much as institutions play an important role in a person’s life, nobody can replace the love and care that parents give to their children. They are the essential caregivers, teachers, and cultural guides of every family. Of course, parents are also human and not perfect. But today, by helping celebrate their commitment to their children, we show our recognition of this important contribution to society. This is what Global Day of Parents does.

It is also a day to promote social changes and policies to benefit children and their parents. Parents are the key to a healthy and productive population, and they need help to know and understand children’s development. Particularly, it’s essential to highlight the changing role of fathers in society. Fathers continue to take on a stronger, co-parenting role. Meanwhile, mothers will always be the cornerstone of families and children’s lives. On Global Day of Parents, it is important to remember this. We need and promote safer environments for mothers and women in general which are free of violence, abuse, and discrimination.

Lets put a smile on faces around the world

NGOs Working with Families for Children’s Development

It has become clear that parents must be involved in all humanitarian and development programming aimed at children. This is essential to develop a sustainable path to implementation which continues past the lifecycle of a project. Below are some examples of global NGOs that work with children and their parents to promote and protect children’s rights and their development into fruitful adults.

More and more organizations are involving parents in programs that are aimed at children. This is essential for sustainable development and implementation. Schools also involve parents in their children’s development in creating a community. Here are some outstanding examples.


A sponsorship-based organization, ChildFund provides children around the world with the opportunity to rise above poverty, receive an education, and have easier access to healthcare. Childfund involves parents in many stages. Think about things such as teaching them how to save for education or providing them with training on livelihood choices and productive skills.

Plan International

They work in over 70 countries. Plan International focuses on promoting and protecting the rights of children with a special focus on gender equality. An example of involving parents and adults in programming is Plan’s Gender-based Violence programming which speaks to not only girls but also women, boys, and men.

Save the Children

Save the Children works across the globe to better the lives of children. Therefore, they are prominent on our list of organizations that help children in need. Their programs focus on ages from early childhood to adolescence. They involve parents at many stages in the process. For example, their Hunger and Livelihoods programs engage parents by teaching them about nutrition.


Founded more than 170 years ago, the YMCA works to empower young people at the community level. They empower young people to go out and succeed in the world. While the focus is on engaging youth, YMCA is deeply rooted in each community it serves. This means that parents and neighbors are also part of their initiatives.

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

In order to help parents and particularly mothers around the world, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation provides grants to organizations working in women’s development, citizen advocacy, and overall policymaking.

Lets put a smile on faces around the world

Our Own Initiative: Children’s Home Flomina

As a compassionate travel organization, we wanted to put our money where our mouth is, so we took the opportunity to help. As part of those efforts, we support Children’s Home Flomina for those children where living with their natural parents is not possible. We want to help them in their mission to provide their children with better opportunities for the future.

Flomina shares our way of thinking because one of their primary goals is to help the children become self-reliant. They believe compassion works when their care can create a structurally better future for their children. We want to help them realize their goals.

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Lets put a smile on faces around the world