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10 Ways to Fund Your Humanitarian Mission

Funding should not be an obstacle to saving lives. But too often, it is the main problem in providing the best possible humanitarian care. That’s why we have put together this handy list of fundraising tips for missionaries.

  1. Reach out to private sponsors

Reaching out to private sponsors is a tried and true method of obtaining funds for humanitarian missions. Many organizations have funding for their corporate social responsibility efforts. You need to find the right one!

Of course, many people are competing for these funds. So, it’s important to know who and how to ask. Look for organizations that care about the type of work that you are doing. Could your mission be a strategic fit for their organization? And of course, make a good impression. When asking for private donations, always be professional and prepare well for your sponsorship meetings.

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  1. Use crowdfunding

One strategy that has become more popular recently is crowdfunding. There are many platforms that you can use to raise funds through the power of the internet. Here is a list of 10 different crowdfunding platforms for NGOs.

However, keep in mind that merely putting your project up online won’t get you funds. You need to work on getting the fan base required to crowdfund a project. Here are some tips on how to make your crowdfunding campaign a success.

  1. Put on a fundraising event

Fundraisers are vital resources of humanitarian funds. Even the most important organizations throw elaborate fundraising events. No matter how big or small your organization is, missionaries can organize a fundraising event.

Some examples include bake sales, community family day, fancy dinners or galas, concerts, and more. Just be creative!

  1. Apply for government funding

Governments provide a large chunk of essential funding for humanitarian organizations. They are particularly interested in innovative and effective projects that help others. Depending on where you are based, your government will have different interests.

So, start by visiting your government website or local office to ask what types of grants are available. Next, thoroughly prepare a grant proposal. Best of luck!

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  1. Get media coverage

So many organizations today are making a significant impact on the world. But sometimes, no one knows. If your mission can change the lives of people for the better, then tell the world! Get in touch with your local media or with international outlets and let them know your story.

Getting featured in the media will raise your profile. Sponsors may come knocking on your door. But even if they don’t, you can show credibility when hitting on theirs.

  1. Ask for in-kind donations

Hard cash can be hard to obtain in donations. But sometimes, money is not what you need. Many humanitarian organizations require supplies instead. These might be food, medical supplies, shelter, clothing, educational materials, technology, etc.

Instead of asking for money, find the companies that have or produce what you need. Then, ask them to donate those items to your mission.

  1. Provide incentives for donations

You will almost always need to provide some incentive for donations. If you are from a well-known organization, then a media sponsorship package may be enough. For example, featuring the donor’s logo on your website and other materials.

But there are also more creative ways! These can be social media shout-outs, authentic items from the communities you are working in, photographs, videos. Or even silly things like shaving your head when you reach your financial goal.

  1. Partner with others

Many organizations work throughout the world. By leveraging your resources, you can save on expenses. You might even be able to raise more money as a consortium. Just make sure that you do choose your partners wisely.

  1. Create fundraising merchandise

Who doesn’t want a t-shirt that says they helped to save the world? If you can afford the initial investment, it can be a creative way to raise funds. Make t-shirts, hats, jackets, pants, or whatever else. Then, make a profit by selling these for your cause. Plus, it will get your logo out there!

  1. Hold an auction

People get excited and worked up about bidding on things. And even more so if it’s for a good cause! So, collect items from your local businesses and put them up for auction. This can be anything from coffee shop gift cards to vacation packages.

Are there some other creative fundraising tips that you can think of for missionaries?

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