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Flomina: a very special children’s home in Nairobi

Our new film is about a very special children’s home in Nairobi: Flomina. We’ve made the decision to support this home because we believe in their vision to become self-sustainable. We want to help them in their mission to provide their children with better opportunities for the future.

Children’s home Flomina

Raptim believes that compassion works when it can travel where it’s needed most. Flomina shares in our way of thinking. One of their primary goals is becoming self-reliant. They believe compassion works when their care can create a structurally better future for their children and we want to help them realize their goals. We hope to help them achieve results for the local community, through their strength and with a little bit of help from us, for today and their future.

“This film is about a very special children’s home in Nairobi.”

Gabrielle Dullaart

Education is the key to success and a better future. That right was taken away from many people in Nairobi. By giving the new generation the right to go to school, the people at Flomina ensure they won’t deny future generations the benefits that come with education. Many volunteers put in effort every day to make this possible by selling water or food, the local community raises money to help the children’s home. Their actions are performed with sustainability in mind. For example, they’re  working on ways to increase the scale of farming and cutting the costs of daily activities to provide children with what they need most.

“My dream for Flomina, is that these children get access to good education so they have a better future.”


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