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Flexible arrangements for humanitarian travel and work

It’s likely that you’ve read about our special airfares. To meet the flexible and specific needs of humanitarian aid workers we also offer flexible ticket conditions, with no downsides.

Travel and work with a flexible and full-service travel management agency

As a good travel partner we understand that costs associated with unplanned travel are undesirable. The world you work in requires flexible conditions on your itinerary and full service travel management. We offer the most flexible top level contracts with partner airlines. That way, humanitarian travel and work go hand in hand.

When traveling, humanitarians often face unexpected changes in their travel plan. At some point during your trip, you probably need help with your booking. Whether you’re helping vulnerable people in Nepal or you’re trying to prevent illness in Africa, you may need to stay longer. Or maybe you need to be evacuated. Sometimes you need to travel to another location on your flight back and make last minute changes. At moments like these Raptim is your travel partner with offices around the globe and 24/7 assistance to make these changes to your itinerary at little or no extra cost.

“With multiple cohorts of interns and volunteers heading to Africa each year, ensuring value for money in our travel arrangements, alongside manageable flight schedules is no mean feat! Every year the awesome staff at Raptim go above and beyond, responding to last minute changes and emergencies, ensuring friendly service for those who haven't travelled before, and making sure that competing needs are managed. We consider Raptim to be an essential component of our program delivery mechanism and are always grateful to have such dedicated professionals so close to hand!”

As an aid worker or volunteer you can benefit from our knowledge of your often uncommon destinations and extensive expertise of your special travel needs. Because of our flexible offerings to your itinerary, that we deliver 24/7 at practically no extra cost, your NGO or organization is able to make better use of funds to support your goals. Think of flexibilities such as:

  • A flexible booking window that can offer extended stays up to 12 months
  • Competitive rates for one-way tickets
  • An extra bag at no cost, most of the time
  • Reduced or eliminated change fees

As you can imagine this flexibility can make a big difference when traveling. As a not-for-the-profit travel company, we at Raptim take pride in serving those who serve the world. Feel free to contact any of our offices should you have any questions.