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The Five Worst Countries for Girls to Get an Education

For girls and women in developing countries, the inequality between the genders is amplified. There are more than 130 million girls around the world is denied an education. That means that there are over 130 million girls who will never reach their full potential.

The One campaign published an index in October 2017, naming the most difficult countries around the world for girls to get an education. Nine of the top 10 nations are in sub-Saharan Africa. Afghanistan is the only non-African country to make the list, ranking in fourth place.

Some countries, such as Somalia and Syria, are not included on the list as they had insufficient data about girls and education rates. We name the five toughest places for a girl to get an education. The One campaign used 11 indicators (such as out-of-school rate, literacy rate). The higher the score, the better the performance.

1. South Sudan (15.93)
South Sudan has been named as the toughest nation in the world for girls to get an education. Almost three-quarters fail to attend even primary school, and the government spends a mere 2.6% of its total budget on education.

2. Central African Republic (17.75)
In the Central African Republic, nearly twice as many girls (38%) are out of school as boys (20%). On top of that, there is only 1 teacher employed for every 80 students (as opposed to 1 teacher for every 12 students in the Netherlands and 1 teacher for every 15 students in the United States).

3. Niger (21.5)
Just 17% of women aged 15 to 24 are literate in Niger. The country reports spending over 20% of their domestic budgets on education, which exceeds the Global Partnership for Education’s recommended target). But it still performs poorly on other indicators to be among the toughest countries.

4. Afghanistan (23.51)
As of 2014, Afghanistan has the highest level of gender disparity in primary school. There are only 71 girls in primary school for every 100 boys.

5. Chad (26.16)
Chad is ranked as one of the five worst-performing countries in the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Global Gender Gap Report, which indicates that women and girls in Chad face a broader range of legal, social and economic barriers.

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