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Finding the Lowest Fares

Is There a Magic Formula?

Sometimes looking for the best airfare is like asking for the best diet! There are as many ideas as there are people to ask! Some of the most prevalent beliefs and theories, however, are total misconceptions.

The magic hour for finding the lowest fares

Fares are not less at 3AM…really! The modern age of technology has given airlines the ability to adjust air fares by route, load factors, and sales success by flight on a constant basis. In reality fares change often and fast; every day, every hour, and sometimes even every minute. 

Low Fare Tuesday
Flying on Tuesday and Wednesday is often less expensive. Purchasing on those days – not so!

Everyone Has to Match
Not, anymore! A specific airline will often offer a fare much lower than the competition, and there will be no moves to match the fare.

Weekends Off
The lowest fares no longer always require a Saturday night stay; or even a round trip purchase. These things vary by market, but there are some very reasonable one-way fares out there.

Travel Agents Are Useless
Not so, Virginia! We have tricks up our sleeves that no website can duplicate! The biggest “non-trick”, however, is personal service from a real human being.