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Finding the right colors to match the Raptim spirit

Leading up to the launch of our new global organization – Raptim Humanitarian Travel – we have been on an extensive journey to create one vision and one voice that fits all of us. So that we can step forward as one global group, under one name. Our new signature color scheme is one of the outcomes of this exciting journey.

We’ve been working with our designer, Isi De Jongh, who went looking for Raptim’s colors all over the humanitarian world – in Africa and on other continents.

“Those are the colors that make us smile and make us feel optimistic.”

Isi got inspired by the bright and fizzy clothes that people wear, and the way in which they contrast with the soft shades of earthy colors – like brown, blue and green.

“The settings in which humanitarian aid needs to be provided are sometimes gloomy. But when you take a look at the people that are surviving – and sometimes even thriving, despite the difficult conditions, they often wear bright and cheerful colors,” he pinpoints his source of inspiration.

“Those are the colors that make us smile and make us feel optimistic. That’s why we’ve chosen them for Raptim,” says Isi. “They are the colors that represent hope, care, compassion, as well as our passion and expertise.”