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Feeling part of the team

Travel consultant Beatrice explains how her staff exchange made all the difference

Raptim travel consultant Beatrice Harder traveled to the Amsterdam office this spring to get to know her colleagues. “My trip made a world of difference to me. I now feel much more part of the team,” she says.

“Raptim is my second family. We are one big family.”

Beatrice Harder, Raptim travel consultant

Beatrice works as travel consultant for the Raptim Amsterdam office – but does so from Colombia, since following her husband there for an exciting job opportunity. She refers to it as her fairy tale job story: “Raptim really goes above and beyond for their employees,” she says.

“In Colombia, I always work by myself out of my home-based office,” Beatrice explains. “That’s why I very much enjoyed being with other people and being able to ask questions, rather than just sending an email to someone.”

Beatrice was very impressed by the Dutch hospitality she experienced. “I didn’t know that the Dutch culture is that welcoming and friendly,” she says. “Many of my Amsterdam colleagues invited me into their homes and went out of their way to show me around Amsterdam and the country.”

“I don’t think there are many companies in the world that are truly global – and that have been able to make their employees from different countries connect like Raptim has,” Beatrice says. “On spark, I can connect to colleagues from different countries and ask questions about an airline or a contract they have. Everyone is always happy and willing to help.”

“I love my job at Raptim. And that’s because I truly believe in Raptim and the people that work for Raptim,” she says with pride. “Raptim is my second family. We are one big family.”