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Faith-Based Traveling – It’s All About Bibles in the Digital Age

Faith-based organizations play a crucial role in addressing humanitarian and development issues around the world. As such, we are starting a series which will provide valuable resources for missionaries and faith-based travelers. Today we start with some valuable international bible resources. Did you know that Raptim was the first travel agency to provide services specifically catering to faith-based humanitarian traveling when we opened our doors in 1947? As such, we have an in-depth understanding of your requirements and can provide excellent offers and services for missionaries and faith-based initiatives. In this article, we want to share some excellent resources about Bibles in the digital age.

Valuable International Bible Resources in the Digital Age

Below, you will find a list of digital Bible resources that are an excellent opportunity to share your faith with missionaries and faith-based initiatives. We’ve organized the list in alphabetical order. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, so should you know any other digital Bible resources, please contact us, or just send us a tweet @raptimhumtravel.

Faith-Based Organizations


True to its name, the Audio-Bible provides audio narratives of the various sections of the Bible. The site provides a simple, side-bar menu where you can find the recorded verses neatly organized.

Audio Bible

A slightly more sophisticated version of the previous site, the Audio Bible provides a wide range of Bible recordings and also audio Bible players. They ship their products across the world, and you can listen to the narration samples before your purchase.

Audio Bibles for the Blind

A not-for-profit organization, Audio Bibles for the Blind has one mission – to provide access to Bible readings for those who are visually impaired. Many products are completely free with proof of disability, while for others they encourage small donations.

Audio Scripture

Audio Scripture is spreading the word of God around the globe by providing audio Bible recordings in different languages and formats. They also distribute scripture players and accessories. Part of their mission is to ensure those who are not literate can still have access to Bible readings.

Blue Letter Bible

A free online reference library, the Blue Letter Bible aims to promote Bible learning. The website has a number of tools and resources for Biblical and religious education. This includes daily Bible study plans, devotion readings, and more.

Bearing Precious Seed

A part of the First Baptist Church in Mildford, Ohio, Bearing Precious Seed is a scripture-publishing ministry. Their mission is to publish entire scriptures, or parts of them, and then make them available around the world.

Do you need the Bible in different languages during your mission? has over 900 languages available in easy-to-use recordings.

Bible E-books

An excellent resource, Bible E-books is a reference library of online resources for Bible study. This includes free and paid resources such as quizzes, exercises, courses, and more.

Bible Getaway

Take the Bible with you wherever you go. That’s the premise that Bible Getaway operates on. This site provides Bible sound bites, devotional e-books, and a number of other useful resources.

Bible Line

Pastor Don Rhoads is a preacher and provides e-books and other audio resources with his preachings. The Bible Line provides resources such as Bible studies, audio books, songs of praise, and even radio.

Want the convenience of an audio Bible on your iPhone? Then you can download the app. It has audio Bibles in a variety of languages, as well as visual and readable materials.

Bible Study Tools

A downloadable set of resources, Bible Study Tools provide audio Bibles and other study materials. For example, they have a New Living Translation, which provides audio Bible recordings in simpler English for every audience.


The International Bible Society

If you are looking for a free option to listen to the Bible online, the International Bible Society provides just that. You can listen to and share the New International Version of the recorded Bible during your missionary travels.

Christian Book

If you are looking for hard copies of the Bible for different audiences at affordable prices, Christian Book has the right resources. They have an easily navigatable online store which allows you to choose your language, audience, and binding type. They also ship internationally.


E-Sword is a unique tool that not only has online Bible readings but also allows you to create your own recordings. The tools are completely integrated and free of charge. Additionally, the user experience allows for specific searches and easy content interaction.

Faith Comes by Hearing

Another free audio Bible resource on this list, Faith Comes by Hearing, compiles a library of various resources into one. This includes Bible apps, recordings, podcasts, and more. The tools come in various languages which is essential for missionary work.

Global Recordings

An online Bible resource, Global Recordings offers one of the widest ranges of languages for Bible recordings. Currently, they list Bible teachings in 6,422 languages and dialects. They also have sections and offices in 30 countries around the world and on every continent.

Jesus Film

A free online film about the life of Jesus is available on Jesus Film. The original movie is in English, however it is also available in a number of other languages. The goal of the organization is to share the story of Jesus through the sharing of the film.

Little Bible Ministry

A paperback version of the Bible with a twist! Little Bible Ministry sells pocket-sized Bibles that are easy to take anywhere as you travel. They measure only 2”x 1½” which makes them light and extremely portable.

If you are looking for a CD-DVD version of the Bible, then has a variety of options. They have programs that run on Windows and Mac computers. Additionally, they provide a number of other resources on theology, ethics, and commentary.

A non-profit endeavor, provides free online Bible software. By downloading it, you can easily find any scripture or passage when you need them. Additionally, the software includes a variety of Bible versions including standard English and a number of other options.


Scourby is a resource on YouTube that specializes in Bible videos. It has a number of video and audio files, both free and for sale. The resources include Bible apps, audio Bible readings, sermons, verses, and more.

Word Project

the Word Project provides audio Bible verses in a number of languages and a number of formats. You can listen online directly or download the Bible app which is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Faith-Based Traveling, the Benefits for Your Mission

As a specialized travel agent for missionaries and faith-based initiatives, Raptim offers a wide range of travel services. Our principal objective is to help you achieve your goals whether you travel individually, as a church group, or missionary organization. Our agency has a close relationship with over 40 airlines around the world. This provides us with access to flexible fares which can be extremely beneficial for humanitarian, volunteer, and development travel. It also gives us access to special, discounted fares for missionary travelers. As an example, we can often provide flexible ticketing conditions including date changes, delayed payment while fundraising, last-minute changes on a flight, and more. We also provide continuous support services throughout your journey in order to help our trusted partner organizations.

Let Us Help You with Compassion and Care

We at Raptim also believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most. Faith-based travel is at the very heart of Raptim. Therefore, we devote ourselves to serving those who serve the world by being a genuine global travel organization. An example is the fact that as a faith-based traveler, you can travel at bargain rates.

Raptim makes it easier for you to stay connected with your people in the field or on a mission and gives you the ability to monitor them at any time in any given context. All this is included in the price of your itinerary. Our work doesn’t end until our travelers, your employees, are safe at home. Read more about how we care.

Please have our experienced staff help you at any given time. You can use our quick address locator to contact your nearest Raptim office. You can also follow our blog for more stories and travel information.

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