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How Faith-based organizations are helping in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis, economies across the Caribbean are on life support, and dozens of people are dead. First, Puerto Rico suffered from Hurricane Irma, and after that Hurricane Maria gave another blow to an island that was already suffering from a severe economic recession. Many parts of Puerto Rico are still without power, and some areas have been deprived of every comfort. People are homeless, and many Puerto Ricans are fleeing the country and end up in Florida. Puerto Rico is a US terrority, and its citizens are US citizens.

Puerto Rico needs immediate and long-term help. There are some international faith-based organizations that are helping those in need.

Working along with these local charities and organizations are also a few faith-based organizations (FBOs) to help Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Those are listed below.

Catholic Relief Services

Donations to this faith-based group will help to provide shelter, water, tarps, tents, kitchen kits, and other supplies to families affected by the hurricanes. Donate now.

Convoy of Hope

Another faith-based initiative, Convoy of Hope, provides food, water, and emergency supplies to those in need throughout the world. Donate now.

World Mission Society Church of God

This organization collects as much non-perishable food, basic items, and medical supplies as possible. Make a contribution.

Other faith-based organizations that help in Puerto Rico with disaster relief are International Relief TeamsProject Hope, MedShare, and ICNA Relief. By clicking on the organization you will be send to the website where you can make a donation.