248 - Faith-based Organizations Play A Key Role In Fighting Climate Change
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Faith-based Organizations Play A Key Role In Fighting Climate Change

While the impacts of climate change have not yet been felt by a good percentage of the world’s population, the less fortunate segments of societies are already exposed to the tough effects. Luckily, many compassionate, faith-based organizations are dedicated to alleviating suffering experienced by these communities. They are helping the most vulnerable to adapt to the severe effects of climate change.

Faith-based organizations emerge as key players

Poverty is usually an accurate determination of how vulnerable people are to climate change. This is measured through several mechanisms, principally ease of access to resources to allow coping with extreme natural calamities. The full extent of climate change has yet to be reached, and vulnerable regions in Africa and Asia will be among the areas hardest hit. Take for instance the crowded coastal cities in many Southeast Asian countries, hundreds of millions of people who live there are at risk.

Millions of people in the developing world are helped by compassionate organizations to adapt to the severe effects of climate change. In the global fight against climate change, faith-based organizations have emerged as key players. These organizations recognize that those challenges are not for the distant future, but have to be faced head-on today. They are guided by their faith principles to be stewards of the earth and care for the poor and the less fortunate by providing help based on need where they possibly can.

They’re engaged in every step of the way. From delivering immediate relief after natural calamities to building long-term resilience of climate-vulnerable people. That includes supporting great initiatives such as facilitating exchange programs between developing countries to spread best practices.

For instance, flash floods inundated parts of The Philippines, like in Lourdes Ijan’s home, in the northern Bulacan province. It forced her and her family to seek refuge. When the water subsided, she had nothing left to rebuild her life.

"I had to take out loans with high-interest rates,” she recalled in a report by Devox. "Some people wouldn't even let me borrow money, so it was difficult." Thanks to a project implemented by Catholic Relief Services and local partner organizations, Ijan now has access to a savings scheme. It enables her and other climate vulnerable women in the region to borrow money during emergencies. “It’s very helpful,” said the 28-year-old when asked about the project funded by United States Agency for International Development.

We are proud to be serving multiple faith-based organizations as they strive to make life better for all in all areas around the world. Their compassion inspires us every day. Want to learn more about the faith-based work we do for church groups, missionaries, and clergy? Please take a look at our collection of other blog posts with a new post every day.