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18 Faith-Based Aviation Resources

Despite the advances in science and technology, many communities remain unable to obtain the information and services that they need to improve their way of life. Isolation begets poverty and suffering, and it is these hard-to-reach areas where faith-based aviation resources are needed the most. People like you work doubly hard to raise the resources that you share with others. We can help get your resources where you require them to be, whether that is a rugged desert in the Middle East, the peak of a snow-capped mountain in Mongolia, or a dense rainforest in Southeast Asia. You do your fundraising and plan out your mission. We’ll take care of your ride.

Ways that Faith-Based Aviation Helps the World

By bringing Christ into the center of the lives of many who once could not be reached, His name is glorified in many tongues. Beyond delivering on its evangelical agenda, Christian missions have improved local living conditions by providing external resources and manpower through which medical relief, compassionate travel for the seriously ill, maternal and childcare, water and sanitation, basic education, and livelihood programs, among many, have significantly touched individuals and impacted entire communities. The work of missions, such as yours, are commendable and noble. We want to be part of it by taking you where you are needed.

Raptim has supported missions ever since the company was founded in 1949. To expand our capability to support mission aviation, we have entered into a collaboration agreement with the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Now, our travel agents can focus on finding you the best flights and bringing your resources where they need to be. MAF can do the flying. Learn more about MAF in the list of faith-based aviation resources in the following section.

Faith-Based Aviation Resources

We at Raptim are working closely with the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Our partnership is fostered on a common determination to walk with you down the last mile to spread the Christian faith. With you, we share the vision of a world humbled by the life of Christ and rejoicing at the word of the Lord.

Below is a list of just some of the faith-based aviation resources that we have put together so that you can get help in better managing your logistics whether it’s in the air or on the ground:

1. Airborne Ministries

Founded in 1981, this non-profit has been traveling to far-flung areas to reach isolated communities and preach the word of God. The organization is strongly inclined to keep abreast with the latest technologies that will help others get acquainted with Jesus. Using its JET Pac Tool (Jesus Evangelism Tool) Package, it makes narrating the life and teachings of Jesus more interesting for communities.

2. Alpha Aviation

This organization started as a missionary training school in 1997. Through its many course offerings, the organization provides an entry point for both new and experienced pilots to use their profession in supporting missionary work. Alpha Aviation currently serves missions in the USA, Mexico, and Central America.


3. Jungle Aviation and Radio Services (JAARS)

With over 70 years of experience in flying faith-driven missions to the remotest parts of the world, JAARs has as its vision that all should have the opportunity to understand God’s word. Using technology, transportation, media, and training, this non-profit helps make the impossible, possible. JAARS has prepared opportunities that encourage collaboration with churches.

4. Medair

This is a Christian organization involved in emergency relief and recovery. They help communities overcome life-threatening disasters and stay onsite to help rebuild what they lost.

5. Mercy Air

This non-profit is a humanitarian-aid organization that offers emergency air transport to reach communities that cannot be reached otherwise. Its services are currently available to South Africa from locations in the USA, Sweden, and Switzerland.

6. Pacific Mission Aviation (a.k.a. Flying Medical Samaritans)

This is a non-profit engaged in evangelical missions as well as humanitarian and disaster relief. The organization provides aviation services, including relief drops, in Micronesia and the Philippines.

7. Agape Flights

This organization is dedicated to servicing the logistical and air transport requirements of missionary organizations operating in the Caribbean. Agape Flights has been serving the people who serve others for more than 35 years.

8. Air Serv

This is a non-profit that provides missionary flights to support the delivery of humanitarian aid and disaster relief worldwide. Apart from its missionary focus, it also provides regular commercial charter flights and aircraft maintenance work.

9. Christian Pilots Association

Its primary mission is to help move supplies and other logistics where these are needed the most. By air, land, or water, this non-profit finds a way to deliver the word of Christ anywhere in the world.

10. Helimission

With a worldwide reach, this non-profit provides transport and logistical support for both aid and faith-based organizations. It has a long history of cooperation with some of the most recognizable names in aid and relief.

11. Mercy Medical Airlift

The organization’s mission is to provide the means to transport goods and services that are intended for disaster relief and recovery operations. Other than transporting logistics, this organization has transported medical staff, missionaries, and other personnel critical to emergencies.

12. Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

With a fleet of 132 aircraft, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is able to reach the most remote corners of the world. Keen on harnessing the power of technology, MAF also uses these to help keep Christ, his teachings, and his life relevant to changing communities. MAD navigates in the most challenging terrains. Simultaneously, it trains local ministers on how to use technology to spread the word of Christ. We are proud to be a partner of Mission Aviation Fellowhip.Through the combined experience of Raptim Humanitarian Travel and Mission Aviation Fellowship, we can get you where you’re needed as a humanitarian ready to help.

13 Missionary Flights International (MFI)

This organization collaborates with missionary organizations around the world to help carry their logistics across to communities in serious need of help. MFI only flies accredited institutions with the primary mission to teach people the word of God.

14. Pilots for Christ

Pilots for Christ is dedicated to flying missions. It requires its pilots to be strong believers in Christ. This organization, based in Alabama in the USA, has over 25 years of experience flying in and out of the most challenging terrains.

15. Wings of Hope

This organization delivers work in the areas of health, education, food security, and economic opportunity. Apart from merely moving resources required to help other people survive in times of great need, Wings of Hope stays onsite to see what can be done to rebuild a more resilient community.

16. Proclaim Aviation Ministries

This non-profit shares its training programs, aircraft, and other resources with Christian missionary organizations. It fills the gap in training more people involved in aviation missions, and lowers the cost for mission organizations to do so.

17. Wings of Mercy

Its mission is to get seriously ill patients treated by flying them where treatment is available. With voluntary support from pilots and other staff, patients only need to pay for fuel which is mostly covered by donations.

18. Prairie College

This educational institution offers a variety of career tracks in ministering and missionary work that are all centered on serving Jesus and other people. Missionary Aviation is one of the professional programs being offered, along with Digital Media, Nursing and Paramedic, among others.

Once again, this list of faith-based aviation resources is not exhaustive. It only includes some examples of faith-based aviation resources. We encourage you to seek out more information to obtain exactly the kind of service that you need. Please note that we recognize the importance of the work done by any other faith-based organization that is not mentioned herein. Should you know an organization that should be added to this list, please let us know via Twitter.

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