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Expense Management Made Easy

Humanitarians and faith-based travelers desire to spend the maximum amount of time and money on helping those who need it most. That’s why they assume this line of work in the first place. To enhance this, we started integrating travel management software into our customer service features.

Why expense management is crucial

Sustainable development is critical in eliminating crises like poverty, hunger and human rights violations. Helping fund medications to fight diseases means children can stay in school and their parents can continue working. As a result, a situation in which both prosper and improve the future of a country in need is created. To ensure growth it is essential that all available monetary resource is spent on the right causes. It’s crucial that the lion’s share, if not all, of your NGO’s funds are utilized in helping those who need it most. Travel expense report management software is a great tool to maximize your available amount of funds.

With Certify, managing expenses is easier than ever. It gives you as an NGO travel managers or as a treasurer of your church unique features which every group of travelers benefits from.

  • For your faith-based or volunteer travelers, there is a state-of-the-art mobile receipt capture available. Simply take a photo of a receipt, and send it to Certify for processing. This doesn’t require manual labor thus saves time and eliminates unnecessary costs! It is also capable of working in offline mode. This will allow you to capture receipts and expenses while you’re working out there in the field at a vulnerable location where communications are unavailable. An important feature for travelers. The software will automatically synchronize once you regain the connection.
  • The same goes for automated report creation. NGO travel managers can useCertify’s reporting suite to identify spending patterns regarding travel, preferred vendors or even average spend across your entire NGO or a department if you're willing to take it up a notch. From travel and expense review to financial oversight and data integration, the Certify reporting suite will provide valuable insight in spend management and will eventually save you money which you can spend on your destination.
  • You don’t want costs to get out of hand. Set your travel policy and let Certify become your gatekeeper! Set expense limits by expense and your aid workers are immediately notified if their expense is in compliance with the policy.

Nothing makes us happier than to see the compassionate faith-based and NGO travelers we serve helping those who need it most. We’ll try everything within our power to maximize your efforts at vulnerable locations. For you, we have started integrating travel management software into our customer service features. Please contact our USA office should you desire more information. Our experienced staff is always at your disposal and glad to help.