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Everything You Need to Know about Humanitarian Travel

Humanitarians travel the world to the places where help is needed most. Many people work in the aid sector, while others participate as volunteers offering their skills for free. Humanitarian travel is different from going abroad on vacation. It requires adapting to new environments, working with a culture that’s not your own, and facing many other challenges. Because humanitarians travel to areas affected by conflict, disaster, or lack of development there are many principles that they must respect. That said, it is a real opportunity to help those in need, support communities around the world, and to give back.

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What is Humanitarian Travel?

Traveling as a humanitarian comes down to one principal aspect—helping others. This can happen in a variety of settings. For example, humanitarians deploy to countries after disaster strikes to help rebuild communities. They are also on the ground in conflict areas to provide support to those affected. Additionally, humanitarians travel to remote parts of the world where development is much needed. Ultimately, humanitarian travel means giving a helping hand through compassion and humanity. It’s an inspiring way to help those around us and to learn from the experience! To learn more, read What Humanitarian Travel Is About.

Why is Humanitarian Travel Important?

Millions of people face disaster and conflict daily. The biggest crises are reported on the news. For example, we have all heard of the war in Syria and the resulting refugee crisis. Most people also watched in horror as Hurricanes Irma and Maria were forming over the Atlantic last year. In the news, these look horrendous, but they are also often far away. But this is not so for the people in the places affected, and that’s where humanitarian travel comes in. Workers and volunteers deploy immediately to help those suffering from the consequences of these crises. They may have an adequate infrastructure but need a helping hand to get through the calamities of these rapid-onset disasters or protracted emergencies. As such, humanitarian travel is essential to our global community. To learn more, read about What Is Humanitarianism.

How Can You Prepare for Humanitarian Travel?

If you are planning to embark on a journey of humanitarian travel, there are some preparations you will need to take care of. Since humanitarian travel is not like a vacation, the set-up is not the same either. For example, you’ll need to pack differently and bring the right essentials. You will also need mental and physical preparation, especially if traveling to conflict zones. For many parts of the world, you will also require health checks and vaccinations before traveling. Finally, make sure to have your paperwork up-to-date and follow the news closely for the latest information on your destination. To learn more, read about What to Do Before Traveling Internationally.

What is Duty of Care

Planning Humanitarian Trips

When you start to plan a humanitarian trip, you should consider a few essential questions. One of them is how you can help. You may be a healthcare professional ready to aid those hurt by an earthquake. Or maybe you know how to teach in emergency settings. Possibly, you have rescue or shelter training. You need to think about what you can do. You should also consider where you can help and who can host you. There is much help needed in many places around the world, but is there infrastructure and organizations to support you so that help is delivered to the people who need it? In a nutshell, humanitarian travel must involve proper planning, knowledge, and care to be successful and produce results. To learn more, read about Planning Humanitarian Trips that Change Lives.

Tips for Humanitarian Travel

Is it your first humanitarian trip? If so, there are a few tips that you should consider before going. These include doing your research before embarking on the journey. This is essential. For example, have you checked the news both in your home and host countries? Did you get all the appropriate vaccines? Do you have the correct visa for the duration of your stay? For this and more tips, read Raptim Humanitarian Travel Tips.

We Help You to Travel Where it is Needed Most

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