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Essential Travel Tips for Humanitarian Travel Managers

Having groups work closely together will significantly boost humanitarian efforts. However, making arrangements for a large group of people is a complicated task for any travel manager. We’re here for you and we are confident and happy to help.

Improving humanitarian efforts through collaboration

Working as a group instead of as a single entity will elevate your results and achievements to a whole new level. A group shares commitments and goals together. With this, it’s easier to overcome challenges and think of solutions for an uncommon situation. As a compassionate group working together, you will be able to achieve wonderful things for vulnerable communities around the world.

We’ve been arranging humanitarian group travel since our establishment. Through the decades, we’ve been continuously acquiring experience in this particular field of humanitarian travel. In order to provide unmatched service to NGO and mission travel managers, we set high standards for ourselves. We are always learning and improving to achieve our goals.

  • Duty of care services
    It’s the responsibility of every humanitarian travel manager to ensure that every aid worker is safe. As a travel manager, you can track your travelers in real time through our customized web solution. You have the ability to send instructions to individuals or large groups of travelers at any point of their journey. But how? With easy two-way communication via SMS, email and via push notifications. This app works on any operating system and is iOS, Windows and Android friendly. Make sure to look into the duty of care services before you leave.
  • Risk analysis
    In risk management solutions, technological innovations have beyond any doubt proven to be beneficial for humanitarian workers. Given the fact that humanitarian crises involve both natural disasters and conflict, risk management is an essential feature which every humanitarian travel manager should look into. It is a major factor in improving the effectiveness of humanitarian aid.
  • Pre-travel doctor appointment for each traveler
    We highly recommend having a pre-travel appointment with a regular doctor and possibly a travel medicine specialist for each and every member of your aid worker group. They will provide vaccines, medications and advice on how to stay safe and healthy while you are traveling. This prevents unwanted medical complications. Always bear in mind that prevention is better than cure.
  • Group benefits
    Be sure to contact your travel management company if you have a large group of aid workers that need transportation to a vulnerable destination. It’s likely that, they can provide insights to help ease the experience of planning and booking travel for a large group. They know the ins and outs of reserving multiple seats with the airlines and can offer flexible payment solutions not offered to individual travelers.

For more than six decades, we’ve been exceptionally organizing humanitarian group travel. We have consistently listened to our clients to improve customer service and we’re dedicated to adding value to humanitarian travel through our legacy. Because of this, we know the world you work in. Our staff is dedicated and focused on the complex and at times very urgent travel needs of humanitarians and their NGO travel managers. It doesn’t matter if you’re making pre-travel arrangements, or if you’re already in the field helping those who need it most. Never hesitate to contact us should you desire more travel information.