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Essential Travel Services That Raptim Can Offer

Unpredictability is not uncommon in the lives of humanitarians. Day to day, they face unusual situations while working out in the field. These situations frequently ask for specific travel services. Your humanitarian travel management company should be able to provide these services.

Offering travel services for unexpected situations

Every humanitarian travel organization should provide full-service travel management. As a humanitarian, you are so dedicated to your goal that you barely have time to directly deal with multiple organizations such as airlines, ground transportation companies, visa or an insurance company. You are often susceptible to stumbling upon unexpected situations, and therefore you need flexibility in making travel arrangements. Such occurrences are not uncommon in your line of work. Whether it concerns up-to-date medical issues or last-minute changes to your itinerary, your travel organization should provide a solution.

Your travel partner is there to help you with only one goal in mind: making your humanitarian travel smooth and efficient. By offering a broad range of travel services, you and other humanitarian aid workers can fully focus on your goal: making sure you’re helping those who need it most and to the best of your ability.

  • Duty of Care
    For every humanitarian travel manager, the safety of their aid workers is their top priority. It’s extremely imperative for obvious reasons. We offer a solution which enables you to track your travelers in real time through a customized web page. You can just send instructions to individuals or large groups of travelers at any point of their journey. This way, you ensure that each and every one of your aid workers is safe and sound.
  • Passport and visa assistance
    A visa gives non-citizens clearance to enter a country and to stay there within certain specified constraints, such as a time frame for entry and purpose of the visit. Each nation typically has a multitude of categories of visas with various names. This might become confusing when you're booking humanitarian travel. We gladly provide assistance in acquiring the right visas for your travel group. While we’re at it, we’ll make sure every passport is in order too.
  • Health and vaccination advice
    Humanitarians are people too and, just like every other individual, they are prone to injuries while working at a vulnerable location. This applies to all; whether you’re a volunteer, faith-based missionary or aid worker. Therefore, you will require advice regarding health issues. It could be on pre-travel advice about vaccinations or health information to be better equipped should something happen when you’re providing aid. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need counsel about these subjects.
  • Safety and security information
    Conditions at humanitarian locations are often volatile. In Iraq and Syria, for example, war rules the nations. In other uncommon parts of the world, entire countries suffer under the effects of natural calamities such as an earthquake or tsunami. It’s of vital importance that you’re well informed about up-to-date safety and security information before and during your travel. We are honored to help you with this.
  • GreenSeat service
    The burning of fossil fuel energy sources such as kerosene releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Did you know that CO2 accounts for the largest percentage of the greenhouse gasses caused by humanity? It is undesirable because it accelerates and strengthens the effect of global warming. GreenSeat offsets your emissions with projects that prevent or reduce carbon in developing nations. This sees to it that you do not play a role in increasing greenhouse gas levels in our atmosphere. We are proud to call them our partners in CO2compensation.
  • Reservation changes and cancellations
    Surprising and unexpected situations bring about a need to make immediate changes to your itinerary. In these cases, our flexible humanitarian fares come in handy. With these special fares, changes to your itinerary can be quickly arranged, often free of charge. With this guarantee at hand, you’re sure that your valuable and often limited resources will be spent to your cause; where it is needed most.
  • Exclusive insurance programs
    Humanitarian traveling is demanding. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, you will need to take dealing with health hazards like falling debris into account. In other locations, the chances of contracting a disease during an epidemic outbreak increase. Although this is the very reason to travel to these uncommon places in the first place, it is essential that you protect your health. The good news is that you can gain more control over these demanding situations by getting proper travel insurance. We’re happy to arrange that too for you.

Do you want to learn more about one of the travel services mentioned above? Get in touch with the nearest office via our quick address locator.