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5 Essential Humanitarian News Sources

There is a lot that we can learn from the news in the humanitarian and development sectors. News helps us stay on top what’s happening in the world. We can also learn about different projects and approaches, best practices, and lessons learned. Here are 5 essential, humanitarian news sources to follow.

If you plan on deploying or are already on a mission, following the news is essential. You can receive updates and stay informed on the situation in your area. Additionally, news can help with preparedness and risk assessment. Plus, it allows you to be part of the overall humanitarian and development community.

We believe that humanitarian news is worthwhile! That’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 essential, humanitarian news sources and where you can find them.

Humanitarian News Sources

Humanitarian News provides coverage on three main areas: aid, green news, and non-profit news. The site provides both news articles and blogs. This means that you can access objective information through reporting, but also, read some personal accounts from other humanitarians and opinion pieces.

The website reports on major events and hot topics. In addition, readers can access links to other relevant topics and expand their research. Access Humanitarian News here.

Thomson Reuters Foundation News

You may have heard of the famous media agency Thomson Reuters, but did you know that the agency also has a foundation? The Thomson Reuters Foundation works on under-reported news stories and fosters pro-bono lawyer support. The Thomson Reuters media company provides annual funding for the foundation.

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Through their reporting expertise, this foundation hosts a news section that covers under-reported stories on women’s rights, climate, trafficking, human rights, LGBT+, food, social innovation, and other topics. Their coverage includes news, videos, in-depth reports, and opinion editorials. The foundation’s team consists of 46 journalists and 150 freelancers. You can access their news page here.

IRIN Humanitarian News

IRIN Humanitarian News is an independent and not-for-profit news agency. They started out as part of the United Nations network of agencies. However, since then, it has become an independent news source.

IRIN has a large network of local correspondents all over the world. They publish alerts and news from the frontlines of humanitarian response. Their main topics of coverage include aid and policy, conflict, environment and disasters, and migration. Additionally, readers can sort articles by region and trending topics.

On their website, you can find news, updates, and special reports. Plus, IRIN writes on latest innovation and research. Click here to access the IRIN website.

Aid & International Development Forum

The Aid & International Development Forum holds high-profile summits for inter-agency and inter-sectoral collaboration on development issues.

To support this function, the forum hosts news content on their website. They cover six major areas. These include disaster relief, health and WASH technology and data, infrastructure, humanitarian logistics, food security, and the environment.

On the site, readers can also find the latest news and reports on specific topics. Additionally, you can access interviews, infographics, media, and more. Access the Forum website here.


Furthermore, at Raptim, we are passionate about humanitarian and development issues. That’s why also host an active news source. We cover the latest humanitarian events and provide tips for international humanitarian travelers. On our news site, you’ll find blogs, news articles, tips, and opinion pieces.

We focus on international events and activities, important dates in the humanitarian and development world, faith-based travel, and Duty of Care. Additionally, we share stories from our community. Visit our news page here.

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