276 – Raptim supports initiative to eradicate child labor
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Raptim supports initiative to eradicate child labor

Letter send to Dutch Senate urging to pass bill

NGO Tony Chocolonely has urged the Dutch Senate to pass a bill that would ensure that all products and services on the Dutch market are child labor free. Raptim Humanitarian Travel full heartedly supports this appeal, along with 21 other companies.

Child labor has to be eradicated

The bill (Kuiken Zorgplicht Kinderarbeid) has already passed the Dutch House of Representatives, but questions remain whether it will make it through the Senate as well. That´s why Tony Chocolonely, a Dutch social enterprise fighting for a slave-free chocolate industry, wrote a letter to the Senate, urging politicians to pass the bill. The letter is co-signed by 22 companies. Raptim is one of the parties, together with Heineken and Rabobank.

There are three main reasons why the Dutch Senate should pass this bill. First of all, child labor deserves a thorough approach to eradicate. Everyone supports that, but corporations and the government have to take responsibility. Secondly, by making the chain of production transparent, you reward companies who are frontrunners fighting against this fundamental problem. And thirdly, The Netherlands should remain a leading country in this cause. Other countries have already adopted similar legislation.

With this bill, Dutch companies will have a duty to do everything in their power to avoid child labor. The fact that child labor is still relatively common is a system error, a massive anomaly. The abolishment of child labor is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Members have agreed that all forms of child labor should no longer exist by 2025.

If we're serious about reaching this goal, volunteer efforts are not enough. Legislation stimulates transparency and accelerates specific policies for companies to really address child labor in their chain. The bill that's in front of the Senate will give clarity about the norms and rules companies should abide by.

Due to our corresponding goals of helping people, we are closely related to humanitarian organizations such as NGOs, volunteer, and faith-based organizations. We are also related to any other individual or organization that supports the immediate eradication of child labor. Want to learn more about our vision and goals as a travel management company? Be sure to browse through our News & Community page. Also, read some of our other humanitarian blog posts, they’re packed with valuable information.