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End Plastic Pollution for Mother Earth

Each year, the world celebrates International World Earth Day on April 22th. This year’s theme will focus on Ending Plastic Pollution. This week we showed you 12 inspiring websites to celebrate Mother Earth Day 2018. The goal is to raise awareness on the subject and encourage targeted action.

End Plastic Pollution for Mother Earth

There are plenty of things that each one of us can do to reduce plastic pollution. Read on for some tips and notes on how to actively promote awareness and take steps to preserve our planet.

1. Educate yourself

The first step to taking decisive action is to learn all there is to know about plastic pollution. Did you know that tons of plastic are discarded every year and that they negatively impact our oceans, waterways, animals, and even people? To learn about this and more, you can read books and articles, follow influential bloggers and writers, attend events or watch educational videos.

2. Educate others

Now that you have some information, spread the word! Share data and news about mother Earth, so that your neighbours and friends can also take action. Use toolkits like the Plastic Pollution Primer and Action Toolkit to help you come up with content.

3. Attend a festival

Want to continue learning and connect with others around a cause? Then find an event near you, where you can show your support for ending plastic pollution. For example, Earth Day New York 2018 will be held in Union Square on April 15th.

4. Join a beach clean-up

If you are looking for some hands-on action, then a beach clean-up can be the perfect option. Follow initiatives like Ocean Conservancy for events near you. And if you don’t live near the ocean, you can always clean up beaches along a lake or a river.

5. Organize an event

Maybe there are no events in your neighbourhood, or you just want to be more involved. If that’s the case, then organize your own event. This could be a beach clean-up, a fundraiser, an informational movie screening, or anything else!

6. Stop using plastic water bottles

Water bottles don’t only mean plastic waste, they can also turn into toxic waste in the oceans. However, there is no need to rely on plastic water bottles at all times. Try replacing them with alternatives, such as a reusable glass or metal bottle, as well as filters in your kitchen.

7. Stop using plastic straws

Plastic straws are another item that you can easily stop using. Most of us don’t even really need a straw. But for a few favourites, you can use biodegradable straws or reusable metal straws. Remember, your actions inform the decisions of businesses, making a real impact!

8. Stop using plastic grocery bags

Some laws have already been implemented against the use of plastic grocery bags in many countries, the movement has begun. But there are even more ways to reduce their use, as shown by the example of this store in the Netherlands, where many products are not being stored in plastic, either.

9. Cook more

Take out bags, plastic cutlery, paper napkins and a plastic bag are all useless waste that come with your take-out meal. If you can, try cooking more with products sourced at the market, where you don’t need to use plastic bags. Alternatively, bring your own containers and cutlery for take-out meals.

10. Innovate

If you’ve really got the drive to prevent plastic pollution, then why not come up with real and effective solutions against it. You can get inspiration from there 11 entrepreneurs, who are leading real change in the way we think about and use plastic.

Raptim’s Initiative to Help Mother Earth

Raptim wants to help Mother Earth as well. In the travel industry, CO2 emissions are a relevant pollution. Raptim is one of the front-runners when it comes to sustainable travel. This means limiting the effects of CO2 emissions. As a humanitarian travel organization, we operate in a sector which has relatively high CO2 emissions. Nonetheless, we try to help those traveling in the most socially responsible way possible. Raptim has looked into integrating CO2 compensation as part of their emissions management strategy. Have a look at this video to or read this article about our point-of-view regarding CO2 emissions, compensation, and offsetting.

Let Us Help You

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