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Emergency Response Travel

There are vulnerable locations spread all over our planet. From disaster-prone islands in the Philippines to the dry deserts deep in rural Africa. These unusual places are called home by millions of people around the globe. Many of these locations are prone to humanitarian crises.

Emergency Response Travel

That’s why we’re thankful for each and every humanitarian who’s willing to make a difference in the lives of those who need help most. We try everything in our power to service their needs, making sure they can provide aid at the best of their abilities.

Our way of doing this is by providing flexible, tailored itineraries and outstanding customer service. We provide around the clock access to our dedicated staff, which is always available to provide you with information regarding humanitarian travel. Together we can make sure you’ll get a full-service travel package which leaves as little as possible to chance. Since many locations which need humanitarian help face uncommon and unexpected situations frequently.

  • Quick response after natural disasters
    Founded in 1972, CMS-USAR’s mission of bringing relief to victims of natural disasters has seen them perform 50 plus missions in more than 24 countries. The French Urban search and Rescue organization has over 90 voluntary rescue workers, their teams have been dispatched to help those affected by earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, industrial explosions and so on. We’re proud to call them our partner. Our French office managed to organize return flights for all 18 rescue workers during the Nepal earthquake. This was not the first collaboration between Raptim and CMS-USAR. In fact, in the last decade Raptim has assisted them with travel, which had to be arranged in a small time frame, to several areas struck by natural disasters including the Philippines in 2013 (Typhoon Haiyan) and Haiti (Haiti earthquake 2010). We hope to continue our strong and long-term collaboration with CMS-USAR for the sake of the victims.
  • Unexpected changes to an itinerary
    Last year, a Raptim employee was at work, just like any other day. She was looking at her queue and a passenger name record (PNR) for 8 passengers. There were planned departures on Sunday for two flights - UN status. The flights were coded British Airways but operated by US Airways. US Airways had a computer malfunction which made the flights impossible. The seat assignments were gone; they had no reservations. She quickly called British Airways first to seek their advice, then plugged in the same flights in economy class seating and then called US Airways' customer care center to see if they could attach the ticket numbers to the newly entered flights. The gentleman at US Airways was very helpful. He took the time to enter each individual ticket number and also was able to assign the same exact seat assignments for the travelers. A positive result thanks to timely intervention!

We’ve been working with humanitarian organizations since our very beginning more than six decades ago. Please contact any of our 17 offices should you need an answer on any humanitarian travel related question you might have. Our dedicated travel consultants are always ready to help.