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Election year in Kenya

Demonstrations and protests fuel violent threats

Humanitarians at work in Kenya should be aware of the rising dangers in the country. On August 8th 2017 Kenya will hold numerous elections. This likely will cause demonstrations and acts of violence. The first signs of threats arise in April when the primaries begin.

Stay Away From Demonstrations During This Election Year in Kenya

In Kenya, elections usually go hand in hand with demonstrations and protests. The police often respond violently, that’s why as a humanitarian aid worker you should avoid demonstrations. Try to stay away from gatherings around mosques, whether they’re located in the city or elsewhere.

Recently, the thread level has risen in Nairobi and Mombasa. In those large cities, as well as on the coastal area, you should be aware of attacks. Keep yourself continuously updated on the latest developments and always follow the instructions of the authorities. Also, learn the local customs so that you won’t offend the people you meet.

From 2011 onwards, Kenya regularly has been hit by terrorist attacks. Several hundred people have died as a result in the past few years, including people from the West. The largest attacks were in Nairobi and the provinces Lamu and Garissa.

Nairobi is a common destination for compassionate humanitarians. Be advised when you travel to this city. And try to stay away from these Kenyan areas in the months leading up to the election:

  • Districts Mandera, Garissa and Wajir. The airport of Wajir is the exception.
  • The main land of district Lamu, including the Kiwayu island.
  • The entire North East of Kenya.
  • The border area with Somalia.

The border area touching Somalia is particularly dangerous. The large incoming of refugees and terrorist groups like al-Shabaab are important reason for this. At the border area, violent assaults and robberies are common, even cars under police escort are a possible target in the area.

Kidnapping is another threat to take into account at the border zone. In the past, foreigners have become victims of such crimes.

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