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Eight questions with…Sabrina Pabois

Sabrina Pabois, office manager at our Paris office has been with us for over 25 years. Her pro-active and compassionate attitude is greatly appreciated by others.
Sabrina is our latest colleague to figure in Raptim’s 8 questions interview series.

“What makes me proud of working for Raptim are the little things that I wouldn't find anywhere else.”

I chose Raptim because I wanted to have a job with a sense of meaning. By joining Raptim I found the perfect balance between working in travel as well as helping those who help others. It was the ideal situation for me.

It's very fulfilling when I find a solution to a complex issue for a traveler. For example a complex itinerary, or an interesting fee which he/she could not find anywhere else.

Every problem has a solution!

Where ever i'm needed. ;) Not so long so ago I visited the Milan office to give a workshop with my colleague Mina from Amsterdam.

I have a great admiration for people who care for others. They often try to combine their careers with their 'other lives', like being a volunteer for a NGO. Often they even put volunteering before their own wishes. The admiration I have for these people gives me the energy and motivation to help them as best I can.

Last spring, Thierry & Corinne Gagner of NGO Mission Humanitaire organized a trip to India to educate women on how to protect themselves from sexual assault. They shared their message with hundreds of women. I greatly appreciate these types of projects. Thanks to these types of initiatives, the world is changing for the better.

The Haiti Earthquake in 2010. I had two rescue teams ready to fly to the location, however due to the eartquake the airport had been completely destroyed. It was very complex but in the end we managed to get them to Haiti by letting them travel via the French Antiles. I'm glad the rescue teams made it in the end.

What makes me proud of working for Raptim are the little things that I wouldn't find anywhere else. But most of all, the thankful words from customers which touch me every time. It is so rewarding to hear that the customers are satisfied by my/our work. Nothing makes me more proud!