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Eight questions with…Jason Angelical

Jason Angelical works as an office manager at one of our two Swiss offices. He has been working at our Bern office for over 8 years. It is a pleasure to have him feature in the latest Raptim’s 8 questions interview series.

“Ask not what the customer can do for you – ask what you can do for your customer!”

After two years as a team leader in a reservations departement of a tour operator specialized in city trips by train, and obtaining an intermediate Marketing and Communication diploma, I felt like i needed a change and a new challenge in my professional life. I can remember it was in August 2007, I saw the vacancy in the local travel revue, and I immediately sent my application documents. To be honest, before applying I didn’t know who Raptim was and what Raptim what they did... Today, I can say that after 8 years: the change and challenge were worth it and I am happy to be, in one way or another, part of every journey of all our customers.

When the incoming mailbox as well as the queues in Amadeus are empty, then I know our job has been done, and the day is complete.

Ask not what the customer can do for you – ask what you can do for your customer! The recommendation of a satisfied customer is the best form of advertising.

Actually, I have no special preference. But if it is possible, I would like to see all offices to meet all my Raptim colleagues. Getting to understand how each office works and exchange tips and tricks… and finally get to taste the local food and specialties!

To me, it’s more than a simply empathizing with someone. It’s a process of connecting by identifying with another person. Compassion motivates a desire to help.

For some people, helping is a vocation. I’m impressed by the courage, the determination and compassion of: Christian solidarity International’s Mr John Eibner.

He pioneered the practice of slave redemption, partnering with local Christian and Muslim tribes in Sudan, to retrieve and negotiate for the release of slaves captured by Arab raiders from the north. CSI has documented over 80,000 individuals who have returned from slavery through this system.

The travel industry in Switzerland is in a phase of ongoing changes and we have to adapt ourselves. The challenge for me today is to keep the quality of our service at a high level, stay proactive and show our customers that Raptim cares by being present and finding the best travel solutions for them.

Every time I hear from a customer that he/she is grateful for the work we do, and in a way or another, Raptim is helping in their mission, then I’m proud!