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Eight questions with…Heike Helm

Heike Helm works at our German office situated in Aachen. We are happy to have her figure in the latest Raptim’s 8 questions interview series.

“Here at Raptim we have the opportunity to give meaning to our jobs by serving those who serve the world.”

Before joining Raptim I worked for a big business travel group. A former colleague who had joined Raptim told me about the company and was very optimistic. At the same time that I left my previous job a position opened up at Raptim. I immediately applied. I’m glad I was chosen and haven’t looked back since!

Almost every day is fulfilling for me. Any little thing we can do for our customers counts. Helping those who do an admirable job helping others is totally worth it.

Always try to put yourself into your customer’s shoes. That way you realize the importance of your job. Also always communicate with each other. You spend more time in a week with your colleagues than you do with your friends or family.

I would love to go to an office in the US or Canada, because I think we can learn a lot from each others' operations.

For me it is the feeling that arises when you are confronted with someone else’s suffering and you want to help. I feel motivated to relieve those suffering by offering our customers the best possible support and assistance. That way they can travel where they are needed most.

I really admire the work of Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the poor by mobilizing people and resources worldwide. They serve all people without regard to race, gender, or religion. The hospital ship provides free lifesaving surgeries for people where medical care is nearly non-existent. The volunteers pay the flight and accommodation by their own. Some of them save their money over a few years just to help for three months on the ship. But in that way every donation can be used to heal the people.

Last May I had a group of 11 travelers stranded in Rome due to a fire at the airport, which of course meant all flights were canceled. I rebooked the flight to the next morning and in addition a hotel for the night. The airline informed me that the next flight would take place in any case. Later that evening, when I was at home at around 10 p.m., I had a strange feeling. I checked the flight schedule online and found the morning flight was also canceled. So I went back to the office, booked the last 11 seats of one of the few flights the next day and informed the customer. This fortunately meant that the group only arrived home one day later than planned.

I feel really proud about working for Raptim in general. So far I have had only good experiences. The clients are always so nice and grateful. They appreciate the little things we do. Here at Raptim we have the opportunity to give meaning to our jobs by serving those who serve the world.