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Eight questions with… Lori Santaniello

Lori Santaniello, aged 53, works at our office in Ephrata, PA, USA. With over 30 years of experience in the travel industry, Lori has seen it all. It is a pleasure to have her participate in the second edition of Raptim’s 8 questions interview series.

“I try to put myself in the clients’ shoes and think of how I would feel if I were in their situation.”

Lori Santaniello, Raptim travel consultant

I worked for MTS Travel since January 1983 and when Raptim acquired MTS in 2009 I came with the package!

Being able to respond to the requests in a timely manner and finding a proper travel solution for them.

Ask questions! Someone most likely knows the answer!

When I first heard about the office exchange my first thought was Nairobi! I do hope to do the exchange there. However, as I think about it some more I’d be happy to do the office exchange at any one of our offices. I’d like to experience them all!

Concern for the welfare of others and the desire to help them. I try to put myself in the clients’ shoes and think of how I would feel if I were in their situation.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to international destinations and meet country representatives there that I’ve actually arranged travel for. I’ve gotten to meet them in person abroad and they’ve taken time to speak with me, show me their surroundings and tell me about their programs in those countries. It is very inspiring to see our clients in action!

Most recently at 4:55 PM on a Friday, I looked at my queue and a passenger name record (PNR) for 8 passengers was there for departure on Sunday with two flights - UN status. (I about fell off my chair.) The flights were coded British Airways (BA) but operated by US Airways. US Airways had a computer malfunction which unabled the flights. The seat assignments were gone; they had no reservations. I quickly called BA first to seek their advice. I then plugged in the same flights in economy class seating and then called US Airways' customer care center to see if they could attach the ticket numbers to the newly entered flights. The gentleman at US Airways was very helpful. He took the time to enter each individual ticket number and also was able to assign the same exact seat assignments for the travelers. I was a nervous wreck all weekend but they traveled without a hitch! The travelers never knew anything went awry with their booking.

Visiting the Flomina Orphanage in Nairobi, spending time with the children and delivering the suitcases of supplies which are greatly needed! It felt good to give them this joy and see the smiles on their faces!