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Eight questions with… Lindo Greve

Travel agent Lindo Greve lives in Villa de Leyva, Colombia. Aged 42, he lives in one of the most beautiful villages Colombia has to offer. Lindo is our latest colleague to figure in Raptim’s 8 questions interview series.

“It’s great working for Raptim. We are all dedicated to helping humanitarian travelers who make the world a better place.”

Before joining Raptim I worked for another travel agency in Amsterdam. After being tipped by an ex colleague, I joined the Amsterdam office, (formerly known as Multatuli Travel) in 2007. Two years later I moved to Colombia, fortunately I was able to continue working for Raptim from there!

My team works with one of our major clients, Doctors Without Borders (MSF). At times it seems as if the e-mails coming in will never come to an end. Nonetheless, at the end of the day we usually manage to answer all requests. The secret is team work, and its great to see how the client shows their appreciation for the hard work we put it!

Together everyone achieves more!

I was recently in Abbotsford Canada which I can strongly recommend. However, next time I'd like to go to Nairobi. It would be great to visit the office, but if I do, I would love to combine it with a project visit to one of our clients. I’m not sure if going to the Amsterdam office is considered as an exchange, but it would be great to see my colleagues again and meet the new ones!

Being genuinely interested in what my client does and making sure they get where they are needed most!

I really admire the work Doctors Without Borders does! They travel to the most dangerous places this world has to offer.  Not so long ago during the peak of the Ebola epidemic, one of the doctors who had worked in Sierra Leone discovered he had been infected with the virus after his return. He remained in hospital for several weeks. Not long after his recovery, he picked up his work and visited another project to help those who need it most. Very admirable!

There are various challenging situations in my work! It’s important to always stay calm. For example, one time I accidently cancelled a flight. When I tried to rebook, everything was full. With no other possibilities, all I could I do was continually check the availability. Finally on Sunday afternoon there was availability. Boy, was I relieved!

There isn`t just one experience! It’s great working for Raptim. We are all dedicated to helping humanitarian travelers who make the world a better place. I’m proud of the work I do, I’d rather contribute to a better world than sell all-inclusive vacation deals!