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Eight questions with… Jenn Kirkland

Jenn Kirkland, aged 35, is a travel consultant at our Canadian office in Abbotsford. Those who know Jenn know what characterizes her above all is her passion and dedication. We are proud to have Jenn figure in Raptim’s 8 questions interview series.

“Compassion is part of what will heal our world, one person/community at a time.”

A good friend of mine working at Raptim Abbotsford (formerly known as Menno Travel) convinced me that humanitarian/missionary travel was right up my alley. After returning to Canada after a brief period in New Zealand, i applied and was hired as a ticketing agent right away. Sadly, my friend is not with us anymore, I often think that if it wasn't for her I would have never joined Raptim where i have met some of the most amazing clients and colleagues I could have imagined.

A good day is to feel like you can go home without too many loose ends that you put off until the next day. Even better when people say “wow, that was such a quick reply—and your price is way better than anything I’ve found online!”

Be patient and courteous—always answer the phone sounding confident and with a smile on your face—they can hear it on the end of the phone!

Nairobi—I’ve had a passion for Africa for as many years as I can remember. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up living in Kenya at some point in my life, so why not while doing a job I love?

It means a lot. There are so many dark things happening in the world, especially now. To have people willing to give up everything to move to these places to help others, it’s inspiring. Compassion is part of what will heal our world, one person/community at a time.

Ahhh, too many to recount really! There are so many inspirational clients at Raptim. Every client has a remarkable story, which only makes me more proud to work with them.

I take things very personally, so if someone is unhappy about something, it gets to me. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to happen too often, but those are usually the worst calls/emails to reply to—it’s great to have a good manager like Dawn who can always help settle the situation!

I just think the concept of humanitarian/missionary travel is awesome, all by itself. People are always so thankful for the work we do on their behalf, yet they are the ones in the field who make us proud to work with them.