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When the earth shook in Nepal

"Emergency circumstances require an urgent response"

On Saturday 25 April 2015, Nepal’s capital Kathmandu was struck by a devastating earthquake measuring a 7.8-magnitude. Thousands of people lost their lives and thousands more were injured. International teams of rescuers and medical experts have traveled to Nepal and surrounding countries to help since then.

“What started as an ordinary Saturday morning became one that affected the whole world. A few hours after the earthquake hit Nepal, the first phone calls were made to our emergency phone line,” travel consultant Henderina Stubbe explains. “We were instantly confronted with two aspects of the challenge at hand. Firstly, we had customers on the ground in Nepal that wanted to leave. And secondly, our long-time client Doctors Without Borders wanted to send their people over to Nepal as fast as they could.”

“At such crucial times you want to help your clients in the best way you can. But this proved to be very challenging. Especially leaving a country in crisis can be difficult for travelers. Those wanting to leave have limited access to any travel information. We advised clients as best as we could, resulting in all of them leaving Nepal safe and sound.” Doctors Without Borders sent out several medical teams to Nepal soon after the first earthquake occurred. Our thoughts are with the people of Nepal and surrounding countries that have been affected by the earthquake.