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Duty of Care

Humanitarians travel to locations around the world where help is needed most. Humanitarian workers often find themselves in complex settings. Humanitarian workers arriving during times of conflict, after a natural disaster strikes, or in a community that is endangered, they often find themselves in complex settings. As a real global travel organization that has worked in arranging humanitarian travel for over 50 years, we understand the risks that humanitarian workers face. We also want to be part of the solution to reduce and eliminate these risks. We want to ensure a safe and healthy environment where our travelers can complete their missions successfully. That’s why Raptim places a strong emphasis on our Duty of Care Solutions, our flagship services which are offered at each stage of humanitarian travel that we prepare.

What is Duty of Care

What is Raptim Duty of Care?

Our objective is to facilitate the travel of humanitarian workers where their skills and expertise are needed most. Our Duty of Care Solutions help do just that. We provide an integrated solution to ensuring the safety and well-being of our travelers. This involves technological solutions to provide smooth communication between headquarters and staff in the field, pre-travel updates, push notifications during deployments, and online mapping to keep up-to-date with staff mobility on the ground.

For us, Duty of Care is not just a service that we provide as part of a sales package. Instead, we see it as a moral obligation to support humanitarians, who often find themselves in high-risk environments, to help them implement their mandates and protect their well-being. We also want to take the worry out of humanitarian travel. This means allowing headquarters and field staff to have the opportunity to focus on what’s essential to their mission.

Why is it important?

Humanitarians themselves are exposed to conflict and emergencies. Thousands of people have been part of the humanitarian response in countries like Syria and Bangladesh following the local dispute. Similarly, volunteers and workers have recently responded to emergencies such as the mega-hurricanes over the Caribbean last year, or the floods taking place in East Africa. While local populations are the first to be affected by these crises and are typically the first responders and international humanitarian teams play an essential role in supporting local communities and saving lives. As they do so, they face inherent risks due to the situation on the ground. Often, communication becomes a challenge in the field and keeping track of staff is complex. That’s why we are offering services exclusively to humanitarian and development workers; we firmly believe that our customers need Duty of Care.

Humanitarian Health and Safety

One of the ways the Duty of Care plays a vital role in supporting our travelers is to help ensure their health and safety. For example, before traveling, we send alerts and notifications to our clients. This way, they can stay up-to-date on the current situation in their country of destination. If there are any specific health or safety alerts, they are aware and can take precautions before traveling.

Similarly, we send push notifications to travelers when they are on the ground. Travelers are continuously updated during their travel. Should a particularly situation arise, travelers will be aware of without any need to do external research.

Care in Emergencies

Emergencies can happen quickly and often in an already vulnerable situation. For example, post-earthquake, there could be aftershocks or a tsunami alert. Civil unrest can become more severe as political circumstances change on the ground. Weather changes can occur quickly during hurricane season. While field workers are typically more aware of these types of emergencies, there is always a chance that normal communication channels are down. That’s why we send custom risk alerts to our travelers regularly. We also ensure that the headquarters staff is aware of their whereabouts and can easily get in touch when needed.

Before You Travel

Raptim’s Duty of Care Solutions is catered to the needs of each client. We understand that different missions and destinations require various strategies for reducing risk and ensuring the well-being of our travelers. That said, we also know that being prepared for travel is essential for any deployment. That’s why we provide some services before traveling. Mainly, we ensure that you are in the know by sending travel alerts before, during, and after your mission. Additionally, we can develop comprehensive reporting, even before your travels. For example, if an airline goes on strike, there is a change in an itinerary, a country’s risk level changes—we can report on this.

Staying in Touch

One of the essential functions of our Duty of Care Solutions is the fact that headquarters and field staff have an easier time staying in touch. Beside the one-way communication of sending travel advisories and risk alerts, we also aid headquarters in sending messages to the team even if they are otherwise unreachable. Through our app, travelers can receive push notifications from headquarters. Additionally, office staff can track those in the field by gaining access to a GPS-enabled map. Of course, login is limited to the people the organizations have determined need this type of access. This is particularly useful when communications systems may be down. You now have the opportunity to ensure your staff is in a safe and secure location.


Last but not least, our Duty of Care also enables reporting capabilities. Rather than having to sift through alerts and trying to remember what happened at what stage, you can request a report through our software. In the case of a rapid onset emergency, this feature is handy as things happen quickly and there is no time to focus on the smaller details. Once the dust settles, you can get reporting on air travel, locations, messaging and alerts, itineraries, risk levels, and more.

Let Us Help You

We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most. That is why we devote ourselves to serving those who serve the world, including their health and safety. We help you manage your duty of care responsibilities. Please watch the video for more information about Duty of Care.

By being a truly global travel organization, our experienced staff is reachable via several means of communication at any given time. Use our quick address locator to contact your nearest Raptim office should you have any questions. You can also follow our blog for more stories and travel information.

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