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Learn About Dutch Who Have Contributed to International Development 

Emergency disasters can strike anytime, and you never know who would be the next victim. Humanitarian aid and global development aid comes handy at such moments to restore human dignity, save lives and see to the immediate and permanent rescue of the affected community. The Dutch have a long tradition in International Development. As a travel organization, we are proud to be part of that. So let’s have a look at some Dutch who have contributed to international development.

The primary aim of humanitarian aid is to save lives and alleviate the immediate sufferings of the victims while the global development aid aims to provide long-term support to the victims finding a solution to the original cause of a crisis.

Of course, such global rescue missions won’t be possible without financial contributions from individual humanitarians and donations from governments, businesses, and agencies.

The Dutch’s History As a Large Humanitarian Aid Supporter

The Kingdom of the Netherlands contributes to sustainable global development through local and international partnerships. It is Dutch belief that forming partnerships is the core of their contributions to development support,  aid, trade, and investment.

The Dutch humanitarian aid support is primarily to assist the poorest and most marginalized people with a focus on the provision of water, food security, sexual and reproductive health, and rights. Netherland also concentrates on private sector development, fighting gender discrimination, promote sound environmental practices and ensure sustainable economic global development.

Dutch humanitarian aid has assisted twenty-five million people in third-world countries clean drinking water. Also, through Dutch support helped nineteen million people globally have access to clean energy. The Netherlands has also offered ten to twenty million people around the world proper nutrition.

Also, through Dutch aids, fifteen million women and girls have great reproductive health, and nine million people enjoy the necessary infrastructure. Netherland assisted the people of Saint Martin during the hurricane disaster that affected them in 2017 more than 19.9 million aid donation.

Dutch Who Have Contributed to International Development

No doubt, the Dutch motivation to sustainable global development is yielding great results and improving lives of people. Behind these humanitarian aids and international development project, there are humanitarians and aid workers, and that’s who we want to talk about today! So let’s have a look at the Dutch who have contributed to international development.

1. John Coonrod

John Coonrod is the Vice President of The Hunger Project, a Dutch Movement for Community-Led Development which invests in communities to improve sustainable global development across several countries. The organization held its first event in  2016 with development professionals and supporters,  civil society groups and more in attendance.

The project promotes the active participation of individuals and communities in planning, implementing and providing financial aid for global development programs. The movement works to develop thriving ways and practices to empower people, improve their means of livelihood and eradicate poverty and starvation.

2. Lilianne Ploumen

Lilianne Ploumen is the founder of SheDecides and also a former Netherlands Member of Parliament. She works to protect the right of women and provide protection against teenage marriage. Ploumen fights for the liberation of the right of girls and the freedom of a woman to decide when to marry and who they want to marry.

Lilianne Ploumen

She advocates for policies that develop untapped economic potentials of women and strives to close the gender gap. Her works advance the sexual health of women through contraceptive education. This way, many girls reach their full educational potentials and prevent teenage pregnancy.

3.  Joël Stephanus Voordewind

Joël Stephanus Voordewind is a Dutch politician and formally a development aid worker. Joël is a member of the Christian Union party where serves as an MP starting from November 2006.

His focus is on issues foreign policy, security, development aid, youth empowerment and well-being of families. He worked for the European Union, the United Nations and an international Christian aid organization referred to as Dorcas Aid.

4. Victoria Koblenko

Victoria Koblenko is an actor. She was born and raised in Ukraine until when she turned twelve years when her parents relocated to the Netherlands. Koblenko works with a lot of humanitarian organizations like the Amnesty International and also UNICEF.

Victoria Koblenko

Victoria Koblenko

She partnered with Doctors Without Borders to produce a Television documentary about AIDS in Ukraine language. She paid a visit to the site of the Chernobyl disaster as a goodwill humanitarian. Koblenko works to create awareness for the Millennium Development Goals.

5. Kathleen Gertrud Ferrier

Kathleen Gertrud Ferrier is formerly a  Dutch politician of Surinamese descent. She is also a development aid worker. As Netherlands member of parliament, Kathleen represented the Christian Democratic Appeal party for four years starting from 2002.

While an MP, her focus was on issues of global development aid, sports, education of the masses, public welfare and health support.  Ferrier is an honorary professor of Asian University for Women (AUW). She is a recipient of the Righteous Among the Nations and the Wallenberg Medal for her rescue work.

6. Hedwig “Hedy” d’Ancona

Hedwig was born on the first of October 1937. She previously worked as Dutch MP with the Labor Party. Hedwig served as State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment for matters concerning the liberation of women. She is the founder of the feminist monthly Opzij and a co-founder of a particular interest lobbying group known as Man-Woman-Society.

Furthermore, Hedy d’Ancona was a recipient of the Harriet Freezerring award for her fight to liberate women. She also won women’s liberation award from the University of Groningen and honored with the title of the Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion.

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