ND031 – Dutch NGOs benefit from improved economy and inheritances
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Dutch NGOs benefit from improved economy and inheritances

Sharp increase in donations after economic slump

Dutch NGOs are benefiting from the uplift in the economy. Revenue from donations and especially inheritance grew by 13 percent in 2016. Yet another contributor to this increase is the fact that donors have become better in clarifying their performance.

Almost a billion euros collected by Dutch NGOs

Combined, the 25 largest philanthropic institutions in The Netherlands raised 822 million euros from their own fundraising last year as shown in an annual research report of Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. Cancer fund KWF remains by far the largest charity recording over 119 million euros in donations.

The Orange Fund (Oranjefonds), the Heart Foundation (Hartstichting) and rescue organization KNRM experienced an abrupt increase in their income due to gifts from large inheritances. The Orange Fund, for instance, benefited enormously from the 51 million donations from the Stichting Neyenburgh family fund.

Donations to charities usually follow the economic fluctuations with some margin for delay. After the 2008 financial crisis, NGOs have been experiencing lean years. Over the last two years, however, there has been a crystal clear rising trend. Twenty of the biggest organizations experienced proliferate in their income last year.

Philanthropic foundations try to counter the economic fluctuations. For example, the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund has founded a system whereby wealthy families can attach their name to a fund. For 50 thousand euros or more, donors can buy such a fund.

"Support from society for charity is robust and deeply rooted in Dutch culture," says Gosse Bosma, director of industry body Goede Doelen Netherlands. He is especially pleased that NGOs are becoming better in explicating their achievements to donors thereby bringing back the trust that donors had in good goals and good will to greater heights.

The developments in donations will without a shadow of a doubt prove to be beneficial not only for Dutch NGOs but also other foundations across the globe. We believe our world is a better place when your compassion can travel where it is needed most, and we are glad to help you with every step of your journey. Want to know more? Follow our blog for more news.